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Varmilo VA87M in 2021 still good?

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I was gonna leave the stock key-caps on, but GMK Caps really made this board shine really enjoy typing on this board now feels like i found a end game tkl. Only wish it had QMK and it would have been perfect.

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A Hasu USB to USB convertor would give you TMK for it.

 :p Accidently quoted myself.....

Are all Varmilo keyboards relatively flat? Particularly the va108m (for Mac)?
I read that MT3 profile caps don't work well with flat cases (true?). I just sent off for the full sized varmilo, based on reading that a number of peeps bought the varmilo 87 for their MT3 caps. Mistake?

When we say flat, we're not simply referring to whether it has the legs in the back to elevate the entire board at various angles, but the case having differing heights for the switches, correct?

Basically trying to determine whether I should cancel my order for the full sized varmilo for the MT3's and get a less flat board (?)

I'm currently using MT3 on a Rakk Lam Ang Pro, which uses a pretty average case angle that should be similar to a Varmilo.

In fact, the Rakk is probably flatter than a Varmilo. It's more about where the board is positioned relative to your hands.

The first time I tried MT3, it was on a TADA68, which is on a pretty low elevation if you ask me. But it was fine.

Most boards should have their switches on the same plane, they aren't supposed to be inconsistent in their depth on the keyboard. Varmilo would be the same as other boards in that respect.

You pretty much have to go custom to get something more elevated than the Varmilo, don't you? Something like an HMKB.

You know what, scratch what I said about the TADA68.

I tried MT3 on the TADA68, and it was good. But the TADA68 can elevate to 8 degrees, which is relatively high.

I enjoyed MT3 at an 8-degree angle, but it was a meetup and I wasn't typing on it for long. Not sure what the Varmilo angle is.

EDIT: You might want to read this:

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The picture above has been rotated by approx 6° and you can see that the keycap on row 3 (the forth from the left) is parallel to an hypothetical keyboard bottom. The closer you get to a 5-7° angle the more optimized MT3 will be for you. If you instead like dead flat keyboards, the set won’t be any worse than –say– SA anyway.

--- End quote ---

So MT3 was designed for a 5-7 degree typing angle, although I know it works okay around 8-degrees as well.

It will even work flat, but is not optimized for that.

Varmilo's aren't flat, though. [You would need to find the angle of a Varmilo keyboard in order to answer your question.]


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