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[WTS] keyboards & keycaps (items also listed in spreadsheet)

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For sale CONUS preferred. All prices include PayPal fees and CONUS shipping. Local pick-up in the 94040 area comes with a discount. All prices are negotiable.

Please see spreadsheet for details:

Album of timestamps:

- Think 6.5 V1 Wavez green
- nano.bento
- Laser ALT HP kit
- miscellaneous

- SA 1976
- SA Troubled Minds
- SA Laser
- GMK Laser
- GMK Carbon
- GMK Nautilus R1 and R2
- GMK Nautilus Nightmares
- GMK Eclipse
- GMK Serika
- XDA 8-Bit
- Kolkrabba artisan





More/dev/tty MT3 - $110 - SOLD
- base kit + triumph mods

GH60 - $55 SOLD
- Gateron Yellows
- white plastic case
- no LEDs installed

Ducky Legend - $95 SOLD
- Zealio 78g
- includes original box
- no in-switch LEDs installed
- As this was one of the first boards I desoldered, there are a few lifted/burnt pads for LEDs due to poor technique (all the switches work just fine). They may be fixable, but you would be purchasing this board as is.

CM Masterkeys Pro S - $55 SOLD
- MX Brown
- new

Sentraq S65-X RGB - $95 - SOLD
- MX Clears
- champagne gold case (top and bottom)
- lubed stabilizers
- in-switch LED compatible (none installed)
- screw-in feet included (already installed)
- keycaps not included
- USB cable not included

SA Godspeed Cockpit - $145 SOLD
- condition: new

JTK Photo Studio - $85 SOLD
- comes with the plastic storage cases if you want them

TGR Jane CE - $800 SOLD
- olive green (hard anodized)
- Winkey layout
- MOD-M switches

SA Godspeed - $245 $240 SOLD
- condition: new
- Solar Alphas, Modifiers, Novelties

XDA Middle Earth - $50 SOLD
- alphas, mods w/ blue legends, 6.25u spacebar

Raindrop V2 - $35 SOLD
- DCS profile
- used with some shine

XMIT Hall Effect (104 key) - $40 SOLD
- 70g springs
- bamboo case w/ no warpage or separation issues
- acquired through a trade to try the switches and they are much too light for my taste
- USB cable included

Norbauer Retro Refrigerator case - $280 $265 SOLD
- hardware included (screws and tools)
- apparently the first production Retro Refrigerator
- contact surfaces of top and bottom pieces are NOT powder coated (later RR cases do have them coated)
    - the result is the seam is not quite as smooth, but still looks fine, IMO. can provide photos upon request.
- used briefly by previous owner (w/ Abyss SA above)
- unused by me

Abyss SA - $180 - SOLD
- used for a couple of weeks by previous owner who purchased the set new
- unused by me
- no visible signs of wear

AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition - $280 SOLD on HeadFi
- includes original box, but the outer sleeve is missing
- like-new condition; I purchased these in 2014, used them very lightly and decided I still liked my Grados more. They've been sitting in their box ever since.

KUL ES-87 - $150 - SOLD
- Zealio 62g
- includes box, USB cable, plastic dust cover, and stock caps if you want them

Low profile 60% acrylic case - $40
- includes feet and screws

Audio Technica ATH-M40x - $60 - SOLD
- used, but in excellent condition
- comes with velour pads, stock pads, cord, carrying pouch

MX Red switches (108 qty) - $20 SOLD
- plate mount
- desoldered switches in otherwise new condition

MiTo Overcast - $140 SOLD
- DSA profile
- white alphas, black mods
- TKL mods
- Tsangan kit
- Lime 1337 kit

KB Paradise V80 - $65 TRADED
- MX Reds
- red/green LEDs
- pink LED color changers are installed. easily removed if undesirable.

TADA 68 - $60- SOLD
- Gateron Black + Yellow (all switches with caps still on have Gateron Yellows except the + key)
- white LEDs
- the start bracket "[" key has a bad connection and outputs 3 characters per press, so if you press [ once, you get: -['
   probably resolvable, but I rarely use that key so I left it.
- WASD 40A-L o-rings installed
- current keymap shown in images below

KB Paradise V60MTS - $70 SOLD
- Matias Quiet Click
- Right Shift stab wire has been modified to accommodate SP's DCS Alps stabs
- includes Alpine Winter caps pictured (it's the first run that has mismatched key heights). Tab key had a broken stem that I superglued back, but the alignment is a bit off)
- includes stock caps and stabs
- includes USB cable

Smart68 V2 (Layout A) - $365 SOLD
- stabs have been lubed

Grab Bag - $30 SOLD
- you get everything pictured

KB Paradise V60 MX Clear - $150
- red/blue LEDs (only one color can be illuminated at a time. this is the old version, not the V60 Plus)
- TEX acrylic case
- WhiteFox dyesub keycaps
- dip switch has a deformation because I accidentally touched it with a hot soldering iron. does not affect functionality.

Magicforce 68 - $55 $50 - SOLD
- Gateron green
- typewriter keycaps included
- there are no issues with the cap stems hitting the switch housings
- condition: new

AKG K553 Pro - $86 shipped CONUS SOLD
- barely used and in great condition
- cosmetic defect on the right side

Granite R4 (comes with all keys pictured) - $75 shipped CONUS SOLD
- DSA profile, PBT dyesub
- common kit
- icon modifiers
- extra keys: dark grey F1-F4, F9-F12

TaiHao Green/White - $25 shipped CONUS SOLD
- OEM profile, doubleshot thin ABS
- this set is mix n' matched from an all green-on-white set and an all white-on-green set

- HotKeysProject Armor ($20 shipped CONUS) SOLD



MoreKC60 barebones ($70 shipped)
- MX Blacks
- white LEDs
- no USB cable included
- no keycaps included

Magicforce 68 black case ($65 shipped)
- Gateron Browns
- stock backlit black keycaps
- white LEDs
- USB cable included

Magicforce 68 silver case ($65 shipped)
- Gateron Browns
- stock backlit white keycaps
- white LEDs
- USB cable included

- PBT dyesub cyan on white TKL set ($30 shipped)
- ABS double shot red on white TKL set ($13 shipped)
- ABS double shot green and white full set ($15 10 shipped)
- ABS double shot purple and white full set ($15 shipped)

- Hot Keys Project Trooper ($20 15 shipped)

-MEElectronics A151P 2nd Gen ($40 $35 shipped)


Interested in your Magicforce 68 black case. Shooting you a PM now.

If you're willing to do a trade, I wouldn't mind trading my keypop Bumble Bee set for one of your Magicforce 68's. :)

Let me know.

PMing about the Magicforces


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