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Goldfish v2 - A super thin USB-C Pro Micro clone

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--- Quote from: steinerlein on Wed, 17 January 2018, 05:03:41 ---I think this is a great idea! Would be interested in a couple of these, depending of the price of course..

--- End quote ---

Price will be a bit more than the average Pro Micro clone on Ebay, but probably still under $10.

This is great! I would definitely buy these if the price is under $10.

Here's something up to me about type-c. How do you connect a usb2.0 interface into type-c module?

I mean, 32u4 has only a group of D+ and D- while type-c has two.

To make it reversible you need to connect to both groups in type-c.

But this won't work on a real type-c port from host.

USB-C can be very complicated but for a USB 2.0 or 1.1 device (like a keyboard) it's actually not that much more complicated than Mini-B or Micro-B. You connect both D+ and D- pins together and just connect them like you would normally. All the VBUS pins are connected together as are all GND pins. Both CC pins are connected through 5.1k resistors to ground. All other pins aren't used and can be left open. Have a look at my github if you want to see schematics.

This is excellent! I'm definitely interested in a buy for these.

It might be equally interesting to match the pro-micro layout of pins, USB connector, and such for direct retrofitability with the Pro Micro.


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