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who's responsible for the NORDE kit?


I'd like to suggest to add some languages to the nord kit, who could I contact to make such suggestion?

You would contact the people in charge of the NORDE kit of the keycap set you are interested in, of course.

What constitutes a NORDE kit is not standardised by ISO or anything, and depends on the base set.
By convention, it should add the missing keys to make the base set into Swedish/Finnish, Norwegian and Danish (= the three NORdic layouts) and German (DE) that's all it means.

No, I mean... there is surely someone in GH who first designed the norde kit... it's sure  :rolleyes:

I wonder if you rembember what is the original thread, so that we can evaluate eventual additions, without me pressuring single group organizer who surely refer to that thread or simply to what other group leaders have done.


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