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Is concavity worth it? (featuring Dactyl Manuform)

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Here are some examples with some parameters set, including number of columns and rows:

I thought I might like a concave keyboard but after trying one I didnít. For me, being able to tilt and splay the two halves to your preference was supremely important. Vertical columns and thumb clusters were nice as well as programmability.

Your question is very subjective; like asking what the best fitting shoe is. The best answer can only be found after trying on many pair. If you have specific physical needs, they may dictate your requirements. Best wishes on your search.

We all know that row staggering (x-staggering) is unnatural and should be avoided. Some amount of column staggering (y-staggering) can be healthy because it takes care of differences in finger lengths, to some degree.

There is one more dimension of staggering, z-staggering, that I build all my boards with, so my fingers are at even more natural positions.. For example, [5,4,0,0,2,4] are the heights (in mm) of the six columns of the right split. With this, the boards are still quite compact and easily tentable. I think a keywell may not do much better than z-staggering.

A large thumb cluster can be too much burden to the thumb. The big one is not really that flexible and I've read others saying they only use two-ish of the thumb keys most of the time. (Caution, small sample size).

You might also like to have a look at Glove80


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