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Covid era Electronix


Some rumors going around about manufacturers turning to second-string component suppliers, these are the "dodgy" guys known for mixing recycled components with legit ones.

Maybe a bad time for any big buys ?

Some videos on Youtube popped up about some video cards or suchlike being sold with recycled components, or even processor components from previous decades.

I don't know about it, but it seems like there are dodgy "new" parts out there.

At least there are some people selling recycled / refurbished parts in an open and upfront manner. For example, YMF262 FM chips have been scrounged up and put into USB housings, so you can use them to directly play classic OPL3 audio:

[needs an additional part to do this, though].

Yes, if there are still refurbished electronics out there that can do the job upfront at an affordable price, I'm all for it.

Maybe they can finally find a use for those rare Model M crystals...

Can say I've been happy with my new headphones I snagged for a steal - picked up a set of Phillips SHP9500's for $50 off of a small seller on Amazon.



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