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Cant easily swap stems and springs if the switches have LEDs?

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Hey guys, i read somewhere that you can't swap a stem or spring on switches that have LEDs without completely desoldering the switch from the pcb, is this true? If so, why is it like that?

On a PCB mount board you need only desolder the LED.  The LED leads go through the top and bottom switch housings and quite thoroughly ping it shut.

Ahh, this would make sense then. God damn me having to get the LED pure lol. Debating whether or not going from reds to ergo clears is worth it for all of the work :P

EDIT: Have you  or anyone here had any experience with the o-ring sound dampeners? I might snag a set of those instead if theyre worth it.

No personal experience w/ o-rings but plenty of people here have used them  red->ergo clear is *completely* different than red->red&o-rings.

Ergo clears have the sizable tactile bump of clear switches with the same spring as red/brown/blue switches.  Red w/ o-rings is just red with a squidgy bottom-out that's a little higher than normal.

Yeah, I know, but I just dont trust myself with my ****ty soldering iron on the back of my brand new keyboard, know what I mean lol?


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