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So, I was thinking we could get some of our wonderful community members to try their hand at creating a nice logo for geekhack.  It would be nice if we could have a symbol to represent geekhack, which would make for some great keycaps. The reason I thought of getting a symbol to associate with the forum is to make some row 2 keys with said symbol, the replace the G and H keys with.  I'll definitely run a GB for it once we settle on one.

Maybe we keep it simple, so we can have a legend created at SP and bang out tons of keys with our logo. Or go all out and make some nice dyesub keys.  All submissions are welcome.   We'll have to decide on a "judges panel" at some point in time, but for now submit away!(unless you all hate the idea, in which case threadcrap away :D)

This has been discussed in the past, and the consensus usually is that the "GEEK HACK" keys are pretty iconic already so there's no need to manufacture a logo.

That said, if someone comes up with something cool, I am in for a couple. :P


Designing a logo that isn't just text would be a good idea. Maybe I'll ask the wife if she can figure something out.
Stickers, mkawa!

yes! your wife is cool! she can come up with something cool! yay! cool stuff! yay!


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