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I designed keycaps set that concept is 'CHESS'
I had sended a mail to SP and Received a quote.

New legends fees is 45$ each.

Pricing for the 17 key
: If I order 30set over Pricing is about 23USD.

prototype is each 65USD. (I requested 7 LEGENDS)

I have conducted a GROUP-BUY at KBDMANIA.NET
But, It was canceled due to low participation.

Who can help me?

I really want to make this keycaps !!!

So, I want to suggest GB on GH.

Can I put this keycap on my Keyboard?


I'm not a huge fan of this particular design, but I like the idea of a chess keyset.

Why not simply do only white on black and do it as dysub PBT?

This way, we have decent prices at low orders. And we get PBT !

dyesub would be cheaper but you won't be able to get white on black

Who can help me?

I really want to make this keyset for Double Shot!
'Cause Dye-sub cannot make white legend on Black base.


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