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I want to build my dream keyboard


11 years ago I got an idea of a new kind of computer keyboard. Too bad, I still haven't found a team to build it with me.

The keyboard layout will be something like this (never mind the colours):

I got inspiration from Gateway AnyKey keyboard and ANSI, ISO, and JIS layouts!

My keyboard needs transparent keycaps. There needs to be small display screens between the transparent keycaps and the key switches. I want the display screens to be stationary. Somehow the keycaps need to connect to the key switches by going around the stationary display screen. One could see the screen through the keycaps. I want my keyboard to have buckling spring keys. The only difference to the regular keyboard is that there is this void, between the transparent keycaps and keyswitches, for the display. Also, I think there will be one display per key row. So, maybe there will be six displays per keyboard. Any ideas, how to control these six (short and very wide) displays?

I had plans for a keyboard with 100+ small displays, but then I thought it would need too much power and wiring. It's probably very complicated to control 100+ displays, too. Not to mention, it's probably more expensive to have 100+ small displays than 6 small&wide displays...

Any ideas how to design and manufacture these kind of "weird" keycaps and keyswitches I'm proposing? I have no idea...

My keyboard needs an operating system, too. Maybe Android?

So, any ideas? How can I build my dream keyboard? Who is going to design and manufacture the circuit boards and all the plastic parts? Where to get all the plastic? I am not an engineer; only a physicist.

Am I asking for impossible things?

Maybe just get an Optimus Maximus?


--- Quote from: lowpoly on Mon, 20 August 2012, 04:09:46 ---Maybe just get an Optimus Maximus?

--- End quote ---

That's an interesting keyboard, but it has different layout and very different target audience.


--- Quote from: HenriH on Mon, 20 August 2012, 05:25:46 ---That's an interesting keyboard, but it has different layout and very different target audience.

--- End quote ---
Please explain different target audience. The different layout of the Optimus is what I'd call "high quality problems" which will be nothing compared to the compromises you'll run into when building this yourself.

It will be a huge task to build this from scratch. Do you want just one for yourself or produce these?

Whatever you do, start small. Make a single key work.

This stuff may help you for casting single clear keycaps (I haven't used it myself yet):

EDIT: The Crystal Clear linked above is nasty stuff. Don't neglect safety.


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