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[Feedback]PBT Autumn and Spring (IC Start)
« on: Sat, 04 February 2023, 04:51:05 »

Hi everyone. Recently I had an idea to design a keycap set based on a light novel I enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, it had not been translated to English yet. If you know what is it, good for you. The colours are chosen based on the colour the book chose to represent 2 of the main characters in it. I pick the light purple for the based since purple is a combination between the cyan and pink. The name I am considering "Autumn and Spring" is based on the name of the 2 characters, "秋"(autumn) and "春"(spring). The 4 novelties I made with those 2 words are base on the aesthetic the book use for its chapter page. The record player is chosen as it is the hobby of the character. The penguin(?) is one of the plush she owns. It is inferred from the first book but only confirmed in a illustration of the second last book. The watch showing 2:10 or 131 minutes. 131 minutes is a important duration at the beginning of the story. A certain park is where the turning point of the story took place (at least to me). In that park, there is that ride in the background of the illustration.

Base Kit

Extra Kit

Pantone 326C
Pantone 184C
Pantone 2085C[/size]

I need your feedback to improve a few things before I consider whether to do an IC for this set:
1) What is your opinion on the colour way
2) How could I improve the novelties
3) Will you buy it if it exist
4) Which manufacturer should I go for
5) Any other things

I know the name and the colours does not match, but that is what happened when I use the light novel as an inspiration. There is no way that it will double/triple shot due to the Mincho font. So if you were to see this set out, it will be pbt (reverse) dye sub. I have not confirmed the pantone colours that will be used yet. It will depends on what the pantone colour matching cards say when it arrived. Afterall it is based on a light novel. Sorry for being vague about light novel. I want you guys to enjoy it when it received an English translation without spoilers. Thanks for entertaining this post of mine.

Update 1: The old base kit has been split into 2. The new base kit will have all the necessary keys for most popular layout such as TKL, 75%, 65% ,60% and alice. The extra kit will contain a compatibility set for ortholinear and most 40%, numpad set, a small novelty set and accent set. This will lower the for the base set for most people. Only those who need for more compatibility and those who wants it will have an option to add the extra kit.

Update 2: I have decided on the pantone colours. I will be doing a few more work and renders before starting an actual IC for this. I will try to find a manufacturer that will be able to make this a pre order and in stock set and a reasonable price. I hope that you will be there for the IC.

Update 3 : I have rework the novelties to better reflect the series. You can see the explanation above.




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Re: [Feedback] Autumn and Spring
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I think this is too good.