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Wierd new hotel experience
« on: Sat, 08 March 2008, 08:46:27 »
So I am disgustipated over being away from home or driving 4.5-5 hours a day round trip to my current project.

So I decide to stay somewhere that I've been wanting to try for a while.  The Hyatt Place hotel.  This is it:

On a whim, and because the Courtyard and Hampton are both sold out, I call them.  I had been abstaining from them for the sake of restraint, the rack rate is $149/night.  They ask who I am working for in the area and I say, "ITT".  "Ok, sir there is an ITT Corporate rate that I am applying to your stay with us that comes to $85/night".  UGh....WOW.  I feel stupid for staying at LaQuinta, now.  Hyatt PLace is REALLY nice, that TV is too big for the room and the beds are comfy.  Not fantastic, but real food in the lobby you can charge to your room.  Some of it is prepared hot for you.

When you check in, it's like Northwest Airlines, you have to option of bypassing personal interaction and swiping your cc at a kiosk, and the kiosk looks up your reservation and issues your room keys.

When I check out, I challenged them on the bill, they had missed charging me for my first night's stay, as well as the dry cleaning that I had done while I was there.  They didn't adjust my charges; I stayed in a $149/night hotel for 3 nights, had some dry cleaning and room service, and paid $210 total.  

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