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ATX KEYCRAWL - Dec 2, 2017
« on: Thu, 12 October 2017, 20:00:10 »
Thanks again for coming out to this yearís ATX Meetup. Before we get to next yearís, I figured we could try something a little different and interactive. I have contacted 3 local breweries here in ATX and set a date of Dec. 2nd, for our first [ATX Keycrawl]( Each of these breweries sit close to the metro here in ATX, which we will be using as transportation between each stop. At each stop, 40 members will collect pieces of an ATX Keycrawl macro pad, that they will build on the go. Those members will get to go home with their unique macro pad along with plenty of other goodies to collect at each brewery. For those who fly in for this event, iíll have goodies for ya, including a beer on me! I do plan on live streaming the entire process, so those who canít attend can experience the crawl.

If you are interested in participating, fill this [form]( out, so I can notify you when I post the registration form. More detailed information below!

1st Stop: [Zilker Brewing Co](

* Get your Keycrawl 4x4 Macro pad PCB designed by Woodkeys

* Choose 16 switches from the Novelkeys buckets

* Get your Keycrawl Keycap by ChillCaps

* Have a beer and mingle with clackers

2nd Stop: [Black Star Co-op](

* Collect your JolimonKB acrylic cases (You will specify your color preference in registration form)

* Choose 16 blank DSA keycaps from the PMK bowl

* Choose a custom cable from the pile

* Grab another beer and mingle with clackers

3rd Stop: [Circle Brewing Co](

* Solder your switches and put together your case (Soldering stations and tools will be provided, feel free to bring your own soldering supplies)

* Flash your PCB and let your creation come to life (Laptops will be here)

* Get your Keycrawl shirt (You will specify your size in registration form)

* Grab some more local brew and minklsdj aksjdfasdjjjl

I am working with great sponsors and looking to keep the registration fee low for the attendees. The 40 folks who register, will receive the official ATX Keycrawl shirt, keycap and full macro pad. I will post the finalized details in the next update post, which will contain the registration form. The registration cost, event sales, and donations will all go towards the cost of putting together the event. Once the costs are covered, the exceeded amount will be donated locally and/or put towards future events.

There will be 3 designs in the registration form for the official ATX Keycrawl shirt. You will be asked for your size and your vote on the official design. If you can not attend the Keycrawl this time, but want to show your support, please feel free to donate towards the event. I will send out an official shirt as part of a thank you package to our supporters. :)

If youíre interested in sponsoring this event and want to know how you can help out, let me know. I do want to have raffles at each of these breweries, so if you wanted to donate beer themed items, that would be excellent. Having some beer themed artisans is one thing I had in mind. We will likely have pint glasses to give out at each brewery, as part of that raffle. I do want to give away a growler with a keyboard design etched in.

Iíll mention this in the registration form but I figured I should mention here as well: For this event, you will need to be at least 21 years old. You will be responsible for your own safety and the safety of your belongings. Please be respectful to others and the spaces we will be in! There will be no drinking and driving. The metro will take you to many places here in ATX, including downtown. We have uber and plenty of other services here to get you to your hotel/airbnb!

Very happy to have these breweries helping out and letting us use their space to have some keyboard fun. Drink their great beer and eat their great food. Also very happy to be working with the great vendors of this community again. Having their support gives me confidence in organizing some fun stuff for us. This is a great community we have here, letís have some fun. :)

Our current sponsor list:

* [Zilker Brewing Co](

* [Black Star Co-op](

* [Circle Brewing Co](

* [](

* [Novelkeys](

* [JOlimonKB](

* [ChillCaps](

* [Signature Plastics](

* [Mechcables](

Here is the [form]( again, donít forget to fill it out if youíre interested in participating.