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Now that USA shipments are moving are you taking orders for USA destination?


--- Quote from: rockydbull on Sat, 04 July 2020, 16:19:17 ---Now that USA shipments are moving are you taking orders for USA destination?

--- End quote ---

Shipping to USA is still not possible, it is utterly uncertain when Japan Post resumes it. You can pre-order, though.

Most of mails posted before suspension are located in the US and handled by USPS bascially.  At this time 21 out of 28 were already delivered and took 2 month+. 3 are waiting for delivery and 4 are still stuck.

Thank you for your patience.

US: Normal shipment(ePacket) for USA is still not available but Japan Post starts acceptance of 'Small Packets' for the country.
This is the first good indication for six months since April.

Another shipping option is available for US, Canada and Australia now. Check first post please.


--- Quote ---4. Air mail without tracking and insurance
This is available only for US, Canada and Australia and takes up to 7 days to ship out.
    - US: 9USD, 2 weeks(2021-06-14)
    - Canada: 6USD, 2 weeks(2021-06-14)
    - Australia: 6USD, 2 weeks days(2021-06-14)
    - Not available for other countries.

Note that this has no insurance and tracking, I can't offer anything helpful in trouble.  You have to take all risks of delivery and will lose your money if you have trouble. Don't open a dispute on PayPal to compensate your loss, it just imposes on me instead.

I don't recommend but you can use this shipping method only if you understand and take all risks.

--- End quote ---

Airmail sevice for the US and Australia is suspended temporarily.


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