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Bud/Honeywell Hall Effect Keypads (~30)

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OMG!! NIB Hall Effect Keypads

Yes!, I've come across a shipment of NIB Bud/Honey Hall Effect Keypads, and am prepared to let most of them go to GeekHackers in the need :P.
These keypads were used in the Aerospace industry. And have been sitting around, doing nothing for the last 10-15 years brand new in their boxes.

In their current state, they are excellent collector's items. HOWEVER, not too long ago, I managed to get these Hall Effect Switches working over USB with the Teensy++ 2.0, not to mention that the keypad itself, fully supports NKRO.

This is a very limited shipment, and once they're gone, you probably won't see NIB Hall Effect Keyboards from Honeywell ever they stopped manufacturing keyboards, and keyboard parts in the mid 1990's.


Did I mention that the keycaps are top notch cupped doubleshots?


Quoting Wikipedia, "A Hall effect sensor is a transducer that varies its output voltage in response to changes in magnetic field. Hall sensors are used for proximity switching, positioning, speed detection, and current sensing applications."
In layman's terms, there is no switch contact and no metal to corrode. Just a magnet and a magnetic field detector. And thus this (MicroSwitch) Hall Effect Sensor has virtually no electrical point of failure (The first point of failure will probably be the spring holding up the keyswitch...).

I even managed to get some of the specification information directly out of Honeywell on the keypads. Unfortunately, this was all they had left in terms of documentation.

Oh, nearly forgot, I have never seen switches more robustly designed than these ones in terms of the thickness of plastic used.

(You can just see the magnet in the above picture)

How Much?
Now, I understand, that not all GeekHackers are of soldering proficiency, and so I'll be offering two different version of the Bud/Honeywell Aerospace Keypads:
[*]NIB Bud/Honeywell Keypads - $40 USD
[*]Custom order (almost NIB) Bud/Honeywell Keypads with Teensy 2.0 USB controller- ~110 USD (If all 10 of the custom orders are spoken for by the time of shipping, I will discount all orders to $85-90).
Yet, for those with an soldering proficiency, and access to Teensy's, I will be posting the full documentation and source code, for anyone to setup themselves (I just need to clean up what I currently have).
Limit 2 per person.

The custom order, also includes any layout configurations you want (such as hardware layout switching), for no additional charge. I will make the modifications as per your specifications (though I'll factor in the material and time costs into the final price).

Shipping is on a case per case basis, and I will ship within another box if desired (the boxes are quite durable, and well packed though). And I will ship anywhere in the world Canadian couriers will ship to.

When will they Ship?
The un-customized keypads, can ship almost immediately. Unfortunately, the customized versions require me to order in Teensy++ 2.0's, and thus may take a month to complete the order (depending on how well my midterms go this summer :P).

Payment Accepted
Paypal is preferred. Though, other forms of payment can be negotiated.
Very cool, and interesting keyboards/keypads/switches

How to Order
Send me a PM, with the following:
[*]How many keypads you want (Limit 2 per person)
[*]Shipping Address
[*]Preferred Payment method (e.g. Paypal)
[*]Packaging Preferences (Do you want a second box?)
[*]Any further customizations you want
[*]Any concerns (if you have any)
And I will get back to you asap.

Act fast, don't let this opportunity to own a functional piece of keyboarding history.

Basic Version: Available
Custom Version: 4 Left (If this reaches 0, the price charged will be $85-90).

You know you want one :D.

If you like MX Blacks, these have a much smoother actuation, as the sliders are more robust and the springs are secured in a better way.

This is the best Geekhack classified I've ever read.

What are the case dimensions?


--- Quote from: ricercar;347169 ---This is the best Geekhack classified I've ever read.
--- End quote ---

Thank you! Interested? I have one NIB (unopened), in California (San Jose) still, though you'd have to wait until September until I could ship it.

--- Quote from: ironman31;347357 ---What are the case dimensions?
--- End quote ---
14.5 cm x 6 cm x 18.5 cm approximately.
There's lots of extra space inside of the case.

And remember, I accept TRADES for payment as well (we can work out the worth and such, provided I want it :P).


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