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Bud/Honeywell Hall Effect Keypads (~30)

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Nice job!

Oh, and if anyone has a Fujitsu Peerless. I would be willing to trade...yup you heard me. :P

And the last custom version is accounted for. It'll cost quite a bit more for 1-off ones from here on out.

Heh, don't have any US nickels on me atm.

Canadian Quarters will have to do (4.4g each). 19 (~83g) of them for the switch to be fully pressed. And about 16 (~70g) to actuate (I don't have my converter hooked up atm, as my only Teensy is doing something else currently, and the rest are in the mail...).

Ugh, problem all. PJRC is refusing to sell me the Teensy's (they don't like my credit card, among the reasons).

I'm working on an alternative. I'll try to get the shipping fees to all who have ordered just the keypad.

status update? :P


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