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Bud/Honeywell Hall Effect Keypads (~30)

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HaaTa, you know im in!

Put me down for a teensy version :)

Is there a keyboard version coming?

dag, if it wasn't so much to mod the thing to work on a PC i'd get the thing jus for kicks

I don't mind out-lining the what it takes for the mod (should be cheaper if you do it your self, my time is extremely limited atm, and thus a bit expensive). I'll also be trying to make it a bit more of a finished product (more components).

At minimum, to do the mod. You'll need:
[*]Teensy 2.0 (or ++) /w pins
[*]Spare IDE Cable (if you don't want to mangle the one that comes with it)
[*]USB Mini-B Cable

Just separate the IDE cable lines, strip them a bit, and solder them (specific ones...) to the Teensy.
An easier method, may be to use the large cable that comes with the original converter (completely useless as it doesn't factor in all of the keys). And have the Teensy outside of the box (or inside, as there is enough room).

Also, Teensy 2.0's are now available, so the controller version should go down in price a bit. Unfortunately, I haven't secured all of my supplies to build them yet, so I can't quote exact prices yet.

My current plan is to do 10 \w controller versions, unless demand increases. I'll have some time this weekend to order all of the pieces I need.

Updated: Pricing

Ordering Teensy's, still have 1 more custom version.

Any more future orders of the custom version will be at least $110 (maybe more).


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