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[opensource] TOAD v2 | 70% keyboard | Now with Alps and aluminum case.

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I've been eyeing this project for a good 2 months and I think now is a good time to tackle it. However, there is still one thing, the online cad viewer simply doesn't let me download the files and also the google drive link is dead. May I ask about the new link to download?


--- Quote ---Nope, I've redesigned it from the ground up but I'm testing a few details. I'll be publishing the .f3d file as soon as I'm sure it's good to go.
--- End quote ---

Man awesome work. I can only say thanks for all the efford and time you put on this project. I read in between that you were thinking about a GB. Are there any plans on that moving forward?? I would like to participate for sure!

This project is awesome - looking forward if you get to a GB. I really wish the community had more contributors like you. Keep up the fantastic work!


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