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[opensource] TOAD v2 | 70% keyboard | Now with Alps and aluminum case.

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!!!! still need to build mine and get some parts made for it.

Impressive work. I really like the direction you went with the Toad. TalkingTree is truly a shining star in the keyboard cosmos.

Thanks for sharing your skills with us.

Thanks everyone for your kind words. It's really a pleasure to be part of this community.

--- Quote from: kurplop on Wed, 11 April 2018, 22:22:23 ---TalkingTree is truly a shining star in the keyboard cosmos.

--- End quote ---
That's a great comment from someone who's actually a master manufacturer of custom keyboards. Thanks a lot.

This is so nice, I should really do an alps build when you release the case design.

Updated the second post with the DIY instructions.


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