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--- Quote from: pelfox on Wed, 03 April 2024, 15:26:02 ---
--- Quote from: Axiom_ on Wed, 03 April 2024, 08:28:27 ---
We will be forced to take necessary measures and unequivocally reserve the right to pursue legal action.

--- End quote ---

you can't actually do a ****ing thing about this, you haven't copyrighted or patented anything, you have zero legal footing to do anything about this product in legal ways, you're just commenting here in the hopes of getting sympathy

the real question here is WHY are aussie makers in the mech keys space such pussies? you, that idiot stef who owns SWITCHKEYS, RAMA, almost every single company/maker from Australia (other than Dailyclack) is a straight up man child, cry baby ENTITLED idiot, always complaining or stirring up drama, you kangaroo people are a bunch of kids, grow the **** up

outta here with your pathetic chat GPT reasoning, nobody here actually cares, you can't do absolutely NOTHING to stop this and I challenge you to if you think you can. on top of that, if you spent more than a minute designing vonoroi geometry than yeah, hire that girl because they did in a couple hours what you took "days" and "lots of investment" to make, lmao - do you even have anything physical to show?

as a lawyer I had a blast reading your crap so as a matter of fact I hope you post more

--- End quote ---

just when i thought this ic was getting boring

i think i will buy the artisan just for this


--- Quote from: aicyborg on Fri, 05 April 2024, 21:39:56 ---just when i thought this ic was getting boring

i think i will buy the artisan just for this

--- End quote ---

Literally same, I was not goin to get the nerve cap but after seeing Axicum_ cry so so so hard I now will buy it.

tldr; set is cool, axiom is a twat

atelier axiom more like atelier algorithm right


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