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Account Activation Issues - New/Registering Users, Please Read!


Hey everyone, we are currently experiencing some email delivery issues for new account creation and email change confirmation (any action that requires activating the account by email).  The issue is primarily observed on gmail accounts, though there have been some cases with other providers.  Our server admin has been made aware of the problem and is working on a solution; oddly enough, the mail server is showing the messages as delivered, so the troubleshooting is not trivial and may be related to something on gmail's side of things.  (I understand very little of it all \_(ツ)_/ )

If you do experience this problem (no activation email received to your inbox or spam/junk folder within a couple hours), please feel free to reach out to me using either of the methods below and I will manually activate your account.  If anyone knows of others that have been stuck in limbo for some time due to this issue, feel free to point them in my direction as well. 

reddit: HoffmanMyster
discord: HoffmanMyster#2090

Note: I have no idea what sort of floodgates I'm opening here, so bear with me if I end up with a huge influx of people needing help.  :confused:

Quick message to say that this is unfortunately still a problem, and please don't be afraid to reach out with any issues you're having! I've been getting a lot of messages from people, but since this post is approaching a year old I wanted to "refresh" it and let everyone know that it's still perfectly fine to contact me for this (or really any other) reason.


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