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4/20 sale has concluded, winner has been contacted and sale is over.
All of entries after 7:20 PST were not considered.

2024/01/25 Skill Sale
A skill based sale where you enter by playing the game I made and submitting your score as entry. Top X scores that accepted the disclaimer get an invoice.

2023/04/20 Sale
MoreHello, the dumbest of pears from Stupid Fruit here with a new sale to get ready for next week! I am currently looking to sell this set of 4/20 inspired keycaps (it is weed colors hehe) that I made. If you would like to enter, please comment below to show your interest and on 4/20/2023 at 4:20pm EST I will tally up all the entries and pick a winner by RNG. Your chances increase by not telling anyone about this post btw. While a funny comment won't increase your chances, it will at least make me laugh.

The set includes:
1 MX stem Craglus
1 MX stem Yaatana
1 Yaatana block print (the one pictured is kinda poo so I'll probably put a nicer looking one in the package)
3 stickers!

The price for this set will be $8.40 + shipping ($5 or something like that). Also because I am really bad at shipping, please have a US proxy I can send it to if you are not in CONUS.

Thanks for stopping by! Also my IG has better pics of the caps.

<3 pears

Approval bump :thumb:

hello pears this is me showing my interest and now i am interested

I am expressing my interest in your keycaps. Please give weeb caps thank you.

Hello there. I would like one of your finest artisan keycaps.


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