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Review of my Boards | Ducky ProjectD Tinker 65 POM Edition


The second of my reviews – my Ducky ProjectD Tinker 65 POM edition (what a mouthful  ^-^)
No mods added – switches are the default Kailh Box Cream Pros, with the included PBT keycaps
Description and Build Quality
A smaller board I bought to use with the media PC in my living room, this board is well built with a solid plastic frame with a little flex, and nice well-rounded edges. Everything else about this board feels – for a lack of a better word – cozy. The board doesn’t feel ‘fancy’ premium, but more like a well-built, but mid-range family car. When I look at it, and use it – I don’t get the urge to shift it around my desk like my monsgeek, or to lift it up to admire the key caps like my Keychron. Instead, I just type – and enjoy the experience. To compare to my other money sink – this board is like my Sennheiser 660s, dependable and nice to use.
Despite the ‘Tinker’ moniker – playing around with this board feels ‘discouraged’ – there aren’t any easy to reach screws to aid in disassembling the board, and the small frame means you’re not going to be able to add too many mods. The most you could do is change up the keycaps, switches, or slap a few stickers on – hardly a tinkerer’s board.
Typing comfort, feel and sound
A major plus for this board is obviously it’s smaller size, meaning typing doesn’t require significant travel from your hands. The caps are well made, and the side-print lettering is crisp and easy to see. The switches give off a little bit more resistance than the Glorious Foxes and adds to that ‘nice to use’ feeling – very hard to describe unless you’ve used these switches before, but that little bit of extra stiffness makes the board a joy to use.
Another major positive is the sound – the keys produce a nice, thicker and lower clacky sound, adding to the understated quality of this board.
A point in the negative is that the base LED colour scheme isn’t to my taste so I needed to pop into Via to change the colour scheme. A 5-minute job, but a minor niggle.

Overall - I'd happily recommend this board for those looking to buy something nice, but who don't want to customise. It looks, feels and types nice out of the box.

Not much more else to be said - on to the next one!

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