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Door Prize List - Prizes Have Shipped

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Sorry it's taken me so long to gather up, but I wasn't expecting to have to capture information so that we could mail out door prizes and as such, this was captured on-the-fly in a couple of different places. A few gaps remain, so if you won something and your name isn't listed, please PM your information so we can get it to the vendor ASAP.

The following are the list of door prizes and their respective winners.
   - Wire Keypuller: Mama_Fry
   - Keychain Set: jameslr
   - Turtle Power Mask Set: rarar's Mom
   - Vegas Dice Set: mashby
   - Turtle Power Set + Numpad: Charlie, a guest

Signature Plastics
   - Black Base DSA Blank set: PRdlm2009
   - Red Modifier DSA Blank set: CPTBadAss
   - White 87 2 shot set: Melvang's Wife
   - Black 87 2 shot set: Melvang
   - Prototype Chickobo Keycap Sifo
   - Translucent Red Blank WASD Cluster: Baby Fry
   - Translucent Red Blank Arrow Key Cluster: HoffmanMyster
   - Translucent Red Keycap Puller: tjcaustin
   - Translucent Blue Keycap Puller: mkawa
   - Translucent Clear Keycap Puller: hashby
   - Smile! Keyset: rarar's
   - $15 coupon to our shop: jcrouse
   - Any Key Cap Set: The_Beast

   - Pinky-less Hand-e-cap: LargeFry
   - Parakeet cap: i3oilermaker
   - Purple Wood Rest: wcass

   - iomania Wood Wrist Rest: keymaster
   - 62g Springs: Binge

Still In The Running
Because CM Storm's giveaways had not made it to i3oilermaker yet, we kept a tally of those who had not won anything from the drawing. The following people are eligble for the prizes contained in the CM Storm package.
   - RKinze
   - Jalaj
   - halverson
   - Dianoda
   - eth0s
   - elton5354

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Only three prizes that I don't have winners for:
   1. SP White 87 2 shot set
   2. KeyPop Translucent Red Keycap Puller
   3. KeyPop Translucent Clear Keycap Puller

If you won any of these door prizes, or if you know who did, please let us know.


1. Melvang's wife ....or was it me?

You could always double check with the vod if you are still unsure of who won something.


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