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Where are all the car fanatics on GH?

While cars aren't typically a geeky thing, there are so many different makes, models, mods, tunability potential in different cars that I consider it to be.  ^-^

Personally some of my favorites (so you get an idea of what I like):
E30 M3
E46 M3
Lancia Intergrale Evo II
R34 Skyline GT-R
G-Wagen (with appropriate offroad mods)

While I don't really care for expensive exotics, I really love impressive cars that got great handling and balance (power as well), and incredibly capable ones such as the G-Wagen that can handle many terrains.

What does everyone like? Feel free to post whatever you want, as there are so many different types of cars (trucks), and it would be cool to see what everyone's preferences are  :thumb:

Iím a big car nerd. My history is

Bunch of Hondaís and a couple trucks, then
2006 WRX
2006 STI
2006 Saab 9-2X
2008 TL-S 6Speed
Now 2014 Evolution GSR
and the wife has a 14 GTI, although I may jump on the Tesla bandwagon (for her)  if the Model 3 stays at the 35K point. If not the new TDI AWD wagon looks pretty dope. I really don't like her GTI.

Iíve done suspension, wheels, tires, misc. engine work to them all. Except the Evo, Iím keeping that motor stock for a while. Iím doing full suspension this time. Ohline R/T going in this spring.

I thoroughly enjoy spending a day in the driveway wrenching or detailing. I find it super therapeutic. If there was a good road course near me Iíd spend some time tracking but nothing is close and everything is stupid $$.

I think you're in really good company here. A lot of users have posted pictures of their cars. And I've heard rumors that the admin/mod team loves cars so much there's been talk about making "GearHack". I had the chance to drive mkawa's old RSX cross country with dorkvader and to ride in his Fiat 500. Both cars are all types of insane. The 500 is so crazy, we were going to make shirts that said "I survived the Fiat".

But personally? I'm not that into cars. When my Camry died I picked up an Altima and I'm really happy with it. I don't feel the need to mod or tune my cars at all. Just want something that goes from A to B....but I really would like something like that RSX.

I was wondering if there was a thread like this on here!

I drive a 1991 Miata, mostly stock except for suspension and exhaust. There's so much I want to do to it, but as far as realistic goals I'm hoping to get a new set of wheels and tires and do a 1.8L swap in the near future if I can stop buying keyboards. lol I don't really track it but it's been through some autocrossing.

In the future I want to get a used GD WRX as a fun winter car since the Miata isn't exactly suited to Pittsburgh winters.

Oh yeah I'm a huge car guy..

70 barracuda 318
94 Audi 100s 2.8
97 Audi A4 1.8TQ
01 VW GTI 1.8T
04 MINI Cooper S 19PSI boost
92 VW GTI 16V Schrick cams, etc
99 GMC Jimmy 2.5" susp lift
02 Honda Civic EX

Modded most of them with tons of money. Now taking it easy with the GMC and Honda.
I'd like a newer Jeep Wrangler with a Susp lift one day. Also a newer civic.


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