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[Ebay] IBM Model M Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Controller Replacement Kit

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+++Unless otherwise noted, this offer is permanently active+++

All common variants of the Model M keyboard are supported!

Upon placing an order, please let me know the number of FFC sockets you need: three (16+8+4 pins) or two (16+12 pins).

— supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS X
— convenient, no hassle drop-in replacement
— controller supports USB or Bluetooth 4.0/BLE connection (flip switch to select)*
— use any 3.7V Li-Po/Li-Ion battery you like
— internal battery charger will recharge battery when USB cable is connected
— maximum battery life during normal operation: ca. 7 days (500 mAh battery, not included)
— device will go to sleep after 1 minute when USB mode has been selected and no USB cable is connected
— fully programmable, custom key mappings, command line tool for easy keymap configuration, up to 6 layers are possible
— up to 24 macro keys (6 keys + 8 modifiers each) suppported, configurable from CLI or Fn keys
— standard USB/Bluetooth HID 6-key rollover
— LED status indicators dimmable separately for BT and USB mode (either by dedicated brightness keys on a Fn
layer or from CLI)
— adjustable debounce period (1-255 ms, configurable from CLI)

You can choose between different versions and additional accessories:

— controller board 80€ (both USB and BT components) / 75€ (only USB, no BT components)

Mandatory accessories M122:

— M122 daughterboard 10€
— jumper cables 20P + 8P 10€

Mandatory accessories Lexmark/Unicomp Model M

— daughterboard to connect matrix (LEDs included) 10€
— jumper cables 16P + 8P 10€

Optionally available:

— Li-Po/Li-Ion battery 2000 mAh (+15€)
— LED daugherboard with low current low voltage status LEDs, green/amber/younameit (+10€)
— JST-EH connector four wire cable to connect LED daughterboard 5€
— cruciform Philips replacement case screws made from stainless steel for easy maintenance (+1€)
— BT-USB-bridge/BT-USB HID Proxy dongle (+20€)

The BT-USB dongle is capable of acting as a 'BT-USB bridge' along with my controller. The dongle can be used as a regular BT adapter that's controlled by the OS BT stack, but it can also function as stand-alone BT host that supplies its own BT stack. The modes of operation can be switched by software, too, if necessary. In the latter mode of operation, the dongle will present itself as a regular USB HID keyboard to the host system while pairing and bonding to the BT client device, in this case my controller, will happen automagically. That way you can connect the keyboard to any USB-compatible system without any additional hassle. That might come in handy especially on legacy systems without any BT support.

International shipping as a registered letter (with tracking) (15€).

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them to the fullest of my capability.
Bitte zφgern Sie nicht, mich zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie Fragen haben.
S'il vous plaξt, n'hesitez pas de me contacter si vous auriez de questions.

Just holler at me if you're interested. I prefer transactions outside of Ebay, of course, so the listed price is not definitive, I can take a discount outside of Ebay.

Contact me at jaygheezy[at] or PM me on DT.

bump ;D

Hi, I'm new to geekhack forum. I got registered just because I'm interested in your interface. I want to buy one directly from you. Could you please contact me?



Why does this not have more (or any) love? This is one of the best model M projects ever IMO. I wish you had these before I sold my model M's .


--- Quote from: nathanchere on Mon, 19 March 2018, 08:20:06 ---Why does this not have more (or any) love? This is one of the best model M projects ever IMO. I wish you had these before I sold my model M's .

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I appreciate it. As to why it doesn't get more love, I don't know. Too expensive perhaps. It doesn't exactly qualify as a 'community' project I suppose. Then again, many Model M enthusiasts are quite capable of brewing their own, while others are older dudes who've been using that board since it came out and may not be appreciative of modifications of this nature.

On a sidenote, what do you mean by 'love'? More replies? It is kind of puzzling though: although this thread has been viewed more than 5000 times, I've only received like 3 enquiries regarding this project. Things are looking much better on DT, I gotta admit. :(


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