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[GB] F104+SSK+122+62+77+50+Ergo orders now open! Kishsaver+Industrial Model F

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Big price drops - more than 50%!  End of production sale for many of the models (for all except the Round 2 beam spring and M Style Model F)!  Last chance to pick up one of these great keyboards.  All variations are currently in stock.

2023 major project update: see this post for details

Now available to order: F104, FSSK, F122, F15, F50, and Split Ortholinear Ergonomic

Some models are offered in both Model M style and ultra compact style cases. All cases are metal, even though they were designed to match the IBM Model M case designs of old.

2021 update / for posterity:

Still time to customize your Brand New Model F Keyboard at !

Success!  Brand New Model F Keyboards finished production and started shipping at the end of 2019.  So far more than 700 F62 and F77 keyboards have shipped.  The first batch of dye sublimated new Model F XT quality keycaps started shipping in Feb. 2021.

Take a look at the most recent postings in this thread for the latest updates and discussion!

The web site is a go! Time to order your Brand New Model F Keyboard!  $1.3 million + in orders so far (as of early 2021)!

Also I would like to give credit to the many (mostly) buckling spring-related projects that have given me inspiration and encouragement while working on the Brand New Model F Keyboards project.  Please forgive me if I missed some projects that did not come to mind:

xwhatsit - modernized Model F and Beam Spring controllers, making the new Model F's and new Beam Spring keyboards possible
wcass - custom Model F projects (flat Model F "New Buckling Spring Design" and XTant) and Model F PCB designs
pandrew - Model F controller-related projects (new controller designs, QMK, and more)
Jesse and Kaia - Keyboardio project
Lot_Lizard - Model MF project
idollar - FSSK/FEXT projects
The Input Club team - various crowdfunded projects
fohat - Model F122 layout conversion guide
SneakyRobb interview with buckling spring inventor **** Harris

older updates, 6/23/18 and prior

Please head to to place your order! In general, keyboards ship out by the timestamp of your order - first in, first out!

I am updating this post using one of the fully tested prototype F77's!

Complete production status update 6-3-17 with photos and descriptions of how each part works:

* Basic keyboard models:  F62, F77, Ultra Compact F62, Ultra Compact F77
* One-piece XT-style keycaps made from new molds, including Industrial SSK style blue keys - extra sets are also available separately
* Extra parts also available separately including Model F (AT) compatible barrels, flippers, cases, PCBs, inner foam, and inner assemblies
* Available layouts:  ANSI:  US and HHKB style with split backspace and regular non-split backspace.  ISO:  Vertical enter with a variety of international layout variants:  Spanish, German, Nordic, French, UK, etc.

* Ultra compact cases
* keys
* buckling springs

* Boxes / outside foam packaging

* Die cast zinc cases (powdercoating is done too - the die cast cases are all finished!)
* key molds
* barrels
* inner foam
* Inner assembly plates
* flippers
* capacitive PCBs
* compact xwhatsit controllers
* case molds
* ribbon cables (to connect controllers to capacitive PCBs)

* Current plan is for everything to be finished and shipped to me around mid-year.

* Cases and other parts have been ordered, so please no major changes!

* Everything.  I have ordered extra keyboards and parts for the early bird round, which will be ongoing while supplies last.  Then there will be a final round for about a month after the early bird keyboards are delivered.

F62/F77 Prototype testing, brief teardown, and sound comparisons with original IBM keyboards

F62 / F77 features:
Only new parts will be used - not New Old Stock or used part pulls from other keyboards (you can use your original IBM/Lexmark/Unicomp caps - they will be compatible)
Metal top and metal bottom case, like the original
Metal top and metal bottom inner "sandwich" plates with interlocking tabs, like the original
Model F barrels and full-size capacitive flippers, all injection molded for accuracy/durability (not 3D printed)
2 mm foam like in my original F77
Ships fully assembled at no extra charge - no further soldering will be required. You will put on the feet though!
Cork-rubber feet, plus a small selection of rubber feet (cork-rubber feet like the PC XT Model F keyboard)
Top and bottom case powdercoated in a color similar to the original "off white/beige" color, black, or similar to industrial gray (or you can pick your own color and pay extra for tooling)
New buckling springs made to original Model F spring tolerances (ideally)
Keys to be sourced from Unicomp (or you can provide your own keys). To use brand new one-piece dye sub keys instead, someone else would need to take on production of the keys.
Layouts can be adjusted at the factory, or you can adjust them later for international versions
Metal tabs attached to the top inner assembly for the Model M style spacebar stabilizer wire - no plastic pieces like in the original
Packed like a new keyboard: in two custom white EPS foam shells and in a close-fitting brown double-walled cardboard box
Fully assembled in China
10 foot monoprice USB cable with ferrite core
Extra barrels (AT-style) and capacitive flippers will be produced and made available for purchase separately (for other projects and for replacement parts)
Any other suggestions?

After everyone interested has placed their order and sent payment, please be aware that it will be several months before your order arrives.

Working Prototype photos:

Approval bump.  :thumb:

Can't wait to put in my order! :D

The MOST perfect example of a Buckling Spring mechanism you could buy in 2016   :thumb: .

This leaves every other previously made versions for dead, plus this model is made for long term usage compared to most other keyboards that eventually get tossed in the bin.

You buy this for keeps and don't ever need to worry about wear and tear because this baby is made to last for decades ahead.



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