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KAT Oblique is the long awaited successor to XDA Oblique, which ran successfully in 2018.

Oblique is a keyset inspired by the keycaps of the AEK, AEKII, M0116/8, and many other similar Apple keyboards from the late 80s, 90s and early 00s. The unique font and matching icons have been carefully replicated to match the originals as closely as possible. That means they have been completely reworked since the original run.

Pneuma by Stef Wolters

More renders


Pneuma by Stef Wolters

TMOv2 by Funderburker

TMOv2 by Funderburker

Modern M0110 by Janglad and Heroyjenkins

Modern M0110 by Janglad and Heroyjenkins

Onyx by Funderburker and Ryan

Onyx by Funderburker and Ryan

EquinoxBT by Ryan, Janglad, and Engicoder

EquinoxBT by Ryan, Janglad, and Engicoder

Dharma by Qoda Studio

Dharma by Qoda Studio

Note: While we've tried to make these renders as accurate as possible, final colours may vary slightly. The colours used for this set are shown below. Samples have already been requested and photos will be added before the group buy starts.




Colours have been tweaked slightly when compared to XDA Oblique. The biggest changes are the green and the red which should be a little more saturated, and the blue should be a little lighter.

Sample photos



To be announced


To be announced


No weeb sublegends like XDA Oblique?

I had to sacrifice some combinations to include everything I wanted while keeping the number of kits reasonable for this set. Katakana sublegends were by far the worst selling of the alpha and modifier options available in XDA Oblique. Perhaps they will return in future, but not in this round.

Why no child kits for the Inverse colour scheme?

Unfortunately due to their backlog, Keyreative isn't accepting any sets with lots of reverse dye-sub work because of all the extra manufacturing time and QC involved. As a result we've had to limit the inverse colour scheme to just one base kit.

Any chance of Alps support?

People have been asking me about this since before XDA Oblique first ran. In my opinion it doesn't make sense to run Oblique with Alps support. Original AEKII keycaps are relatively common and unlike most Alps stuff can be found for a pretty reasonable price. I might run an Alps project in future, but not Oblique.

But what about TA Origins?

Samples are taking their sweet time to arrive, so I've chosen to prioritise this project for the moment. I still hope to follow through with that set in future.


To give your feedback on the proposed set and kit designs fill out the IC survey form, or for anything that isn't covered leave a reply or feel free to DM me.

IC Form


If you want to discuss this set you can join the OC Lab Discord server. To receive notifications about project updates you can request the oblique role. All updates will of course be posted in this geekhack thread too.

OC Lab Discord server

Special thanks

* Ryan — collaborating on both XDA and KAT Oblique
* Oggi — those sexy renders
* babyattacker and envoco — upcoming collaborations
* Alex from zFrontier — all the help communicating with KeyreativeBanner

To show your support for this set add the following BBCode to your geekhack signature.

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Reserved for updates

Lookin good, inverse kit looks like a really good addition!

Would love to see ISO-PT on int kit.

Inverse kit looking good. Hooray for 1.5U super/cmd in the base kit! An Inverse bars kit would be a nice addition, and no reverse dye-sub on those.

Good luck, although I'm out of any KAT until they normalize their qc standards.


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