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[IC] DSA or DCS Big Ass Enter

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--- Quote from: DeluxeSofa on Mon, 18 October 2021, 19:23:10 ---I need a macropad just for this keycap alone

--- End quote ---

I was working on one at one point but my PCB designing is cheesing it at best. I couldn't get the layout of the board right with the limited amount of space.

Interesting, would prefer SA though as don't have any DSA caps.

Big Ass Enter? SOB i am in

i hope this happens. i want to the get w1-at1 and have a 10u space and this. ultimate big keys.

UPDATESo far I have 15 people that have filled out the form and it has stagnated. I don't really know what how many I need to approach a vendor about it but what I have been told from emailing Signature Plastics is a minimum order value for anything going into production is $100 (not including stock items).


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