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Fermentation Containers

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They're crazy expensive.  tiny one is $38

Only millionaires can afford to eats dat sauerkraut

What do you guys use ?

My Build thus far.... (using on hand containers)   Thoughtz ?

Having trouble keeping the cabbage under the Juice, because I don't have weights that can fit in there that's wide enough.

I'm thinking this is probably good enough because the carbon dioxide should displace enough oxygen, I just have to release it here/there slightly.  Do I even need the plastic wrap, without it, I don't have to release everyday, it'll do it on its own no ?

Yellow, plastic wrap

Red, Cap forms water seal, edge is under water.

Dotted line, rubber band

Basement temperature: 70 F, 21 C

Dad always used glass. Don't clamp down the lid unless you enjoy glass.

do they splodz?

You don't need fancy stuff. People did this for millennia before refrigeration (and of course had no idea about microbes). Centuries ago they filled up a barrel with whole heads of cabbage and topped it up with salt water, then waited a few months.

I use glass casseroles (so I can see the progress of my project) and turning the tops upside-down is ideal for both weighting and sealing during fermentation (put it on a pan in case it bubbles out). If you can find glass tops with minimal doming that is preferable.

After a week I just put it in regular jars in the refrigerator (not fully tightened).

You don't need some fancy container. Use Ball glass jars like people have been using for 200 years dude.


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