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Are there low-profile keycaps for realforce 87u?


I really like low-profile keycaps, such as the ones on Nuphy air75.

Instead of buying a air75, I was wondering maybe I can swap the keycaps on my realforce 87u for low-profile ones.
Is there such a thing?

I've never seen low pro caps for topre exclusively, your best bet would be to convert one to mx stems then use normal "low" pro keycaps for MX on it

The Nuphy has low-profile key switches with low key travel, and the height of the keycaps is at least as high as the key travel + thickness of the plastic + curvature around the lowest point.

If it is the flat profile you're after. you could get a Topre keyboard with MX stems: A Realforce RGB or Novatouch, or one modded with after-market MX stems. Then populate it with same-height spherical keycaps such as DSA, XDA or MDA profile.


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