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Based off the side profile of a 60's C1 Corvette
Modified to highlight the geometry and streamline it to fit the proportions of a keyboard
Sleek design with a bit of flare to keep it fresh? Idk lol

The Vette is exactly what you think it is at first sight.

From the compact geometry and sleek angles reminiscent of its inspiration, the C1 Corvette, this project is an ambitious experimentation on the union of innovative ideas and streamlined engineering.

Meticulously crafted with your experience in mind, the Vette can be tailored how you see fit for a contemporary experience

After all, you wont hesitate to have it on your desk, daily.

Vette Case by TECH.LADO
PCB Design by 0xCB



6.78 degrees Typing Angle
Machined Aluminum (Alloy 6061) Case.
USB-C Interface
QMK & VIAL Compatible (VIA TBD)
Powder Coated Finish
13.1cm x 32.3cm x 2.6cm
1.5mm plate
Tsangan Bottom Row
ANSI, HHKB, & WKL Top Enclosure Options
Full Gasket Mount System with the option to use Rubber, Poron, or Silicone Gaskets.
Choice of Aluminum, Brass, Polycarbonate. (FR4 and POM options may be added depending on feedback.)
Waveform Suppression System (WSS) - Brass Weight and Silicone Dampener designed to be used in tandem to tune and suppress the acoustics of the board.
Vette Classic side panel will be sold as an extra option. (The panels are purely an aesthetic option to spice up your board if you choose to have it as an add-on)


A custom PCB Designed and Manufactured by 0xCB

60% PCB
ESD Protection
South facing switches, hotswap
Per switch RGB
USB-C daughterboard

VARIANTS (Colorway options and Kit Inclusions)

Standard Edition (SE) Color Options (Serial-Numbered between 1-200)

Five color options To be paired with White side panels and Chrome Accent Trim:
Crimson - Pantone 1795 C (Red)
Daisy Sunflower - Pantone 114 C (Yellow)
Sky -  Pantone 2915 C (Blue)
Seafoam - Pantone Green 0921 C (Green)
Aster - Pantone 9344 C (Purple)

Mono Edition (ME) Color Options (Serial-Numbered between 1-200)

Five Color Options. You can mix and match any of these colors for the Enclosure, Side Panels, and Accent Trim
Ghost - Pantone 11-0601 TPX  (Bright White)
Ivory - Pantone 11-0907 TCX (Off-White)
Fog - Pantone 17-5104 TCX (Gray)
Midnight - Pantone 433 C (Dark Gray)
Onyx -  Pantone 419 C (Black)
Chrome *Available for Accent Trim only

Each Standard/Mono Edition Package comes with:

1x Top Enclosure (HHKB/WKL/ANSI, Aluminum)
1x Base Enclosure (Aluminum)
1x Waveform Suppression System (WSS) Brass Weight and Silicone Dampener Combo
1x Aluminum Plate
1x Various Mounting Hardware
1x Custom 0xCB 60% PCB
1x USB-C Daughter Board
1x T.L Switch and Keycap puller
1x Torx Tool
1x 1.5M USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0) (Braided)
2x Set of Rubber, Poron, and Silicone Gaskets.
1x Carrying Bag
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x White Gloves
1x Instruction Guide
1x Authenticity Card
1x Various Packaging

Bespoke Edition

The Vette: Bespoke Edition is our take on the tasteful nostalgia and creative freedom of the custom car culture.

Rooted on the full attention to detail, the Bespoke Edition takes the form factor of our Vette to new heights, with you having the liberty to fully tailor your experience on how youd want your keyboard to be. If Akira Nakai would have a custom keyboard, its probably this one. But dont take our word for it.

Custom finishes, serial codes, color choices, and matched accessories. You name it and well gladly deliver.

Make your VETTE yours.

As a way to give back to this creative community, well be raffling 1 BESPOKE unit. Raffle details TBA.

Each Bespoke Edition Package comes with:

1 x Top Enclosure (HHKB or FULL, Aluminum)
1 x Base Enclosure (Aluminum)
1 x Set of Brass, Aluminum, FR4 and Polycarbonate Plates
1 x Various Mounting Hardware
1 x Custom 0xCB PCB
1 x USB-C Daughter Board
1 x T.L Switch and Keycap puller
1 x Torx Tool
3 x Set of Rubber, Poron, and Silicone Gaskets.
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x White Gloves
1 x Instruction Guide
1 x Various Packaging
1 x Color Matched Flight Case for Storage
1 x Color Matched Custom Deskmat
1 x Color Matched 1.5M USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0) (Braided) (Coiled upon Request)
1 x Keyboard Display Stand
1 x Flight Case Packaging
1 x Bespoke Portfolio of your Vette. (Renders from your ordering process, Color/Pattern Swatches, and Personalized Authenticity Card)


Pricing: TBD. Will be announced once we receive and are satisfied with the prototypes.
Optional Extras:
Extra Plates
Extra Sound Dampener
Lube Stations

GB DATE: TBD *The Vette will be purchasable on our (soon to launch) website when group buy starts.

IC Feedback form:




*Colors used in renders are for pre-production only and are subject to change.


TECH.LADO is a small industrial design studio formed by friends from different fields, but with one common obsession: function, aesthetics, and experience.

The studio is rooted in designing unique and functional pieces as a way of sharing their perspective and ideologies with the community.

so, you guys figured out all of that sale/options/blabla info before even have a prototype?


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The foam has curves lmao

Not good enough too complicated no prototype and c2 corvette is better


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