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ps/2 hot

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it's not supposed to be hotpluggable no ?

but on this z97 board it is, does that mean they're using a converter instead of native ps2 implementation?

If it's there on boot, it will (or at least can) hot swap once in the OS, at least if it's the same device.
If it is not there on boot, it usually will not work when plugged in.

That is not the same as hot swap which means you can interchange anything or add remove as you please, it's always hot but it has no detection system. The bios need to load it on boot to be seen by the OS and the OS won't load a driver if it's not there on boot.

I think I read somewhere (possibly here) that the combo PS/2 ports on modern motherboards are just a USB conversion.

Just tested it  in and out 5 times, seems continuous.  Must be cheater ps/2

Every now and then people get "unlucky" and break the port doing this...  as I recall there is a resistor that blows (not always /often) but sometimes and you'd have to replace it to regain the PS/2 functionality.

upto you but i would stop doing that.


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