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ok, so iffffff 4o9o is $1600,  we'd expect 3090ti to be ~$700 ish?

which would put 6900xt at $550-600 ish?

This  black friday ?

Disappointed in the 4080 12GB only having a 192Bit bus (I know it's due to scaling, but damn).  Hoping to see what RDNA3 is packing, I have considered a 6900XT as well, but the Power Color Liquid Devil options are still up there in price - guess I will be holding out a bit longer.

granola bar enthusiast:
by the time im able to get ahold of a 3060 ti everyone is talking bout 4090's already, dang

I'm still on a 1060 GTX XD .

Yeah, those announced prices are berserk. Price of an entire new rig right there.

Hoping to pick up a new 2080s/ti for around $500 someday. Probably never.


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