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I just realized how much the Apple M1 tanked the intel MacBook Pro market.

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My MacBook Pro is 4 years old. It still works great. I use it for graphic design, video editing and photo editing. My biggest regret is not getting 32gb of ram.

Today it was making a weird noise so I was just curious what MacBook Pros, both new and used, are going for now. Went to Apple and built my dream spec, not happening. Got on r/appleswap and found the same model of mine only going for $650.00! That is insane to me, this laptop is a beast. Realized it is because the M1 chipset. The Intels are just not worth much anymore. I have even considered trying to sell mine and buying a used one with the 32gb of ram haha

but.... I don't NEED one.

When the m1 dropped, I was interested in trying out something with MacOS, so I got myself a 2015 i5 8gb ram pro for like $230 lol. Honestly I just use it to reference my character sheet on dnd nights, play music, and watch YouTube videos, and it works pretty flawlessly! Id feel safe recommending anyone an old cheap intel mac, since they (mine at least) runs really basic tasks pretty flawlessly

intel macs burn the vrm/cpu/gpu pretty hard because of the bad cooling design. imho they're really dangerous on the aftermarket. /would not recommend


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Wed, 21 September 2022, 11:42:01 ---intel macs burn the vrm/cpu/gpu pretty hard because of the bad cooling design. imho they're really dangerous on the aftermarket. /would not recommend

--- End quote ---
So I get a laptop AND a nice hot surface to cook eggs on? Sold.

Low end Macs fell, the good high end ones worth owning retained value.

There's very few good ones is part of the problem.
They have a long history of laptop GPU failures (ALL) and the butterfly keyboard, well I'm sure you know. You want Intel, no GPU, and no butterfly, that really limits your options to a select few models.

Then there's the next problem, being an older model you'll obviously want the higher tier specs to keep up a bit better and despite how Mac users are portrayed very few actually buy anything other than the base model. This means higher tier parts with proprietary or soldered parts like the SSDs or soldered ram models fetch a massive premium.  If you burn up a higher tier motherboard you may as well buy a whole new laptop as the parts are often scarce and extremely overpriced.

As for the cooling, yep, it stinks.
On mine (I7 2c/2t) I re-pasted it then used a program that throttled one core and thread to 80%, and the other core and thread to 50%, basically I made it an I5 with an efficiency core. That kept it under 60c under high load and I could actually put it on my lap. If I needed the power I could just turn it back to full power.

It was nice but fragile and the idea of damaging it scared me, even if I could find the parts and was willing to pay for them, I could drop and repair a dozen similar spec Lenovos for one accident with the Mac. It just didn't make sense. And now with all the firmware locks and such, nah. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to throw Linux on an M1 but I'd be right back where I was. I'll keep my "crappy" Lenovo.


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