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Replacement centered off-center caps lock?


I have a weird keyboard with a centered but also off center caps lock. I have two pictures of it (the black one) below. The white key on top is a Tai-Hao off-centered caps lock which does not fit (hangs to the right) and the white key on bottom is a standard centered caps lock. Anyone know where to find a replacement for the black one?


No, to have it centred within a 11.5u rectangle is unusual. Which keyboard is that?
The only other keyboard I have heard or seen of it on are the Cherry "MX Board 2.0" and "3.0" but those have a very special profile.
BTW. Leopold has a Caps Lock that looks like that (1.5u) but actually has a centred stem.

This particular key is from a Thermaltake Poseidon ZX, but I've also seen it on a couple of others like the Rapoo V500. The ZX is one of those boards with weird stabilizers that left shift, caps lock, and enter won't fit. I fixed the enter/shift problem by just removing the stabs since they aren't even necessary. Only key I have left to get working is caps lock but it looks like it might be even harder to find than I thought.

Cherry 3800 / 3850s are slightly off center (3000 / 3494 very off center to the left).

I have an extra, if you still need.


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