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[WTS] Lightsaver v2, Galaxy Class, Penumbra R1



Hi folks, if anyone is interested, I have the following items for sale

Galaxy Class DSA set. This is from before there was any involvement from the Roddenberry people so there are NO trademarked keys. You can see exactly what keycaps are in this set in my google drive. But it looks like I have the base set, numpad, tsangan, and battle bridge.
We'll try $300 $250 OBO
This bears repeating - no trademarked keys. No star trek logos, etc.

Lightsaver V2. Grey. Unbuilt. 2 different plates, I believe the plates have different options for the bottom row. I paid $300 + $100 shipping. $350 $300 OBO

Penumbra SA Round 1, includes 2 ergodox sets which I imagine are pretty rare. As I have both the penumbra and solarized alphas, there are enough caps here to outfit 2 ergodoxes. Or a keyboard + an ergodox. Or you could do what I did and just swap alphas every once in a while depending on your mood :) Row profile is 123334 - without that the ergodox kits wouldn't make much sense... $350 $300 OBO
There is some shine on a few mods - shift, enter, backspace, tab and I think one of the space bars. As SA is shiny plastic to begin with, and I swapped between penumbra and solarized halving the wear, all of the alphas still look new to me.

For detailed pics, see my google drive

Please reply here before sending me a direct message. Thanks!

Shipping included in the prices. USA only please. Well, I'll ship anywhere the USPS considers domestic so that includes some territories, APO/FPO etc. And yes, it's true, Hawaii and Alaska are welcome as well :)


Just slashed $50 off all items :)


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