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Original Cherry switches with LED cutouts


I've recently been on a journey to find the perfect clicky for my personal needs and have become very attached to the Cherry MX White (milk). There is one drawback though, as the original Cherry switches have no LED cutout and block all light from the PCB LEDs.

I've tried switching the White stem into a Gateron Blue housing and this works great, but introduces a little stem wobble that is undesirable.

It's my only solution to shop around and try to find the perfect housing for the white stem?

Is it possible to mod the cherry switch casings and add the LED cutout (if it is, how would I do this?)

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ramblings

I wonder if it would make sense to use a fine-tip soldering iron to open up the LED cutout?

granola bar enthusiast:
you could try replacing the top housings with Gazzew's clear tops which have great tolerances and fit your needs

Gazzew top on Gateron Blue bottom is a perfect fit, thanks so much for the advice!


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