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Need help with bridging a Ducky Shine 6


I'm trying to repair my Ducky Shine 6 keyboard that got damaged after desoldering the switches. I've bridged some keys that weren't working and managed to fix a few, but there are some keys on the left side I can't seem to fix them...

Here I tried to bridge "A" to "S" and "D" to "E" because there wasn't any continuity, now if I press for example Caps Lock I get "F" being pressed, or if I press "A" I get "G, and it repeats again, "S" I get "F", this happens to every not working row
From "" to 3 -> 4 and 5
Tab to "E" -> "R" and "T
and Shift to "C" - > "V" and "B"

There is continuity between all right pins in all the columns


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