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TMK Alps64 - 60% PCB with AEK and old Alps keyboard layout support

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This PCB supports various Alps keyboard layouts including Apple Extended Keyboard, Omnikey, Dell, V60MTS and Infinity and fits into Poker comptible cases.

Assembled PCB is available here: [TMK] Alps64 - 60% PCB for Alps 2022-01-09

2015/03      PCB Rev.A
2015/04/05 Finished my AEK mod
2015/05      PCB Rev.B ISO Enter fix
2015/10      PCB Rev.C Silk fix: position of K70, K40 and value of resistor:10K -> 1K / Capslock for Cherry Stepped 1.25u
2016/04      PCB Rev.D Fix Xtal foot print and value of R and C

See github repository below for the latest updates.

PCB Design Files
PCB is designed by KiCad and design files are available here.

BOM - Components
Controller: ATmega32U2
Connector: MiniB Hirose UX60SC-MB-5S8
Diode: SOD123 or Axial lead diodes(1N4148, for example)

TMK keymap editor for Alps64:
You can edit keymap and download firmware from Keymap Editor, you don't have to build from source code yourself.

Source code:
See this wiki to build.

Program Controller
To enter programming mode(start DFU bootloader) hook up to USB port and press tiny push button on bottom side of PCB.
Consult with this wiki page to flash firmware.

Supported Layouts
AEK:  103:
104:  ISO:
Infinity:  BigAss:
Caveat: AEK ISO layout is not supported, it is different from standard ISO layout.

Check GB thread for the laest and detail infos.

Supported Cases
KBC Poker compatible cases

Check GB thread for the laest and detail infos.

My AEK 60% mod log
When I planed on my own 60% ALPS keyboard my primary problem was source of keycaps, stablizers, mouning plate and case. I don't have access to  CNC machine nor 3D printer to make case and plate and can't afford for it. My crude solutions are making good ol' AEK a victim for keycaps, stabilizers and plate, and ripping off its case from my unused Poker X. Cutting plate is no easy task in particular with hand saw, it took half a day for me to cut AEK plate down to 60%. It was ridiculously time consuming job. Now only missing peice is PCB to accomodate my favorite ALPS switches, lowpoly's hand wiring matrix is not good option to place them into the case unfortunately, I need a PCB in the end.

I desoldered orange switches from AEK and cut its plate into 60% part.

Soldered switcheds on PCB

Plate cutout for screw

60% AEK with Poker X case

2015/04/05 Done!

Fun project. How well does the chopped-down plate work with those Poker compatible cases?

I think it will work anyhow, I can file and hotglue if needed. I have Poker

It needs to be drilled holes and cutout to screw down, both side cutouts may break stabilizer holes a bit. Other concer is that space bar stab holes is on very edge of plate and bottom rim is only 0.7mm.

I'm using Infinity PCB to test temporarily.

Awesome! I'd really like to get one: I started a 60% AEKII monthes ago, and since I didn't got much time and have zero knowledge on PCB creation, it just layed around like this :

Looks nice. You should finish your mod :D

Unfortunately my PCB doesn't support AEK ISO, whose keys are is shifted differently from normal keyboard :(


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