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[IC] Atanta Area/SouthEast Meetup Late May/Early June

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Pretty straight forward

Looking to get Georgia and the surrounding states together for a semi-large meetup.  We have a potential facility picked out at the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, GA.  There would be a small admission charge that we are trying to keep under the $20 price point potentially, however you also get access to the entire Museum as well as the meetup.

Looking to see response and feedback on whether May or June works best.  Also looking for any additional ideas on activities or things we can provide at the meetup.


I'm looking forward to this! Gonna try and come through from Alabama.

I'll see if I can make it. Coming from Nashville.

Fortunately for me it would be a short drive from Acworth over to Roswell, also never knew there was a Computer Museum in Roswell.

I'm disgustingly bad about keeping up with stuff, and need to get better about participating on Geekhack - but I found the google form last week and sent in my response. I'm totally down for an Atlanta-area meetup!


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