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GB thread
DCS White on BlackIC FORM
Itís white-on-black, thereís no inspiration. Gorton modified legends are cool. ABS DCS feels/sounds nice. The one that is sold on PMK as in stock has some pretty bad kitting. LaserCrafter and I like DCS and WOB. Thatís pretty much it.


*all spacebars in this kit are concave

All stock DCS colors:
- White (WFK)
- Black (NN)
- Red (REL)
- Green (VV)
- Blue (BGA)

I basically bought a bunch of color chips from SP and these are the colors I liked best. Here's a photo of what they look like next to some recent sets for comparison (GMK Perestroika, GMK Nuclear Data, and GMK Deep Navy)

Pricing & Vendors
Pricing: Aiming for $115 Basekit in the US, other kits and international pricing TBD.MoreWe want this set to be as cheap as possible. (110-120 USD) Based on IC form feedback, we will decide a reasonable MOQ for each of the child kits. Due to SPís pricing breakdown, it doesnít really make sense to run this kit at less than 200 MOQ. Please fill out the IC form as this is how we will be able to get the most accurate pricing to begin with. There are lots of other in-stock WOB sets that with would have to run against so getting high MOQs will be difficult. We have gotten our first round of quotes from SP but some kitting adjustments have been made since then, we are currently waiting on our second round of quotes. We will not be taking any sort designer cuts or royalties in hopes of getting this kit made as cheaply as possible.Vendors:US - ThocKeys
EU - eloquentclicks
SEA - Hex Keyboard
MEA - SandKeys
OCE - allcaps
JP - Basekeys
SK - SwagKeys
CA - ApexKeyboards
CN - zFrontier
UK - Hand Engineering

Board renders
Boards in order: Safa, Cypher, Routemaster

Special thanks
Laur#9706 for the cool renders (commissions are open)
Blacksimone for being our favorite biggest thoccer
Neely, Hali, mcmcmc, and a couple others for helping out with kitting
Ash; for helping with 40s, rgb kit colors, and just being a very based person in general.
#1 daddy hiney, I hope you come back with the milk some day
Puddsy for being puddsy

My discord server
LaserCrafterís discord server

Reserved for updates and changelog!

As of 26 May 2022:

Vendors decided.
Pricing still TBD.
GB dates still TBD.

Kitting changes:
- Added 1.75 R3 enter to 40s
Changes not yet reflected in renders: (will be fixed soonish): ALL CHANGES REFLECTED IN KITTING RENDERS
- Added R4 pipe to extensions kit
- Added R1 = to extensions kit
- Swtiched Codes in base to Supers

- NorDE kit

DCS WoB already exists though? Why even despite the kitting being meh

edit: ive been converted

I LOVE BAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very excited for this! count me in!

 :thumb: very nice


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