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[IC] Go-Popper V2 | 2-in-1 switch opener - GB Closed

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GB closed-June 28, 2022

Thank you for all your support, we have gathered all verified orders, the production is going well, and all orders are expected to be shipped on July 10-15.

Check GB Page

Products entering production-June 12, 2022

In order to be able to deliver on time, the product is already in production.

Update of GB - Jun 10

The GB is now on.

Join the GB

Update of GB - Jun 9

Hi Everyone, the Go-Popper V2 GB is coming within hours, you can join the GB via our website.

Join the GB

Update of GB Shipping-Jun 2

All orders will be conducted and shipped by entergogo directly from the factory.

Here includes all the countries and regions where we can provide a free shipment. If your current residence is not on the list, the invoice received will be added on with a standard shipping fee range from US$3.00 to US$10.00.

Update of GB timeline-May 31

Thank you to all who responded and filled out the form, based on the responses we have received so far, here is the GB timeline.

* GB starts on June 10, 2022, EST.
* GB closes on June 25, 2022, EST.
* Shipment starts on July 10, 2022, EST.

Hello Everyone,

Were back with this gadget, Go-Popper V2. We did some modest upgrades on the basis of the last version in the past few months. Check more for the last version

Firstly, let's take a look at the Go-Popper V2.

More photos here

Fill out the form if you're interested

What's different about Popper V2 compared to the previous version

* The two caps are mounted with magnets instead of a rubber ring.

* A new color and material were added, gold with brass.


* Both MX and Kailh box switch compatible.

* The two caps are engraved to indicate the difference between the MX switch and the Box switch.


GB Timeline

* GB is hoping to start on June 7, 2022, EST after IC feedback was gathered.
* Fill out the IC form if you're interested, We will reach out to you when we launch the GB.
You can directly email us at
Let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments on this event or anything you are curious about us : ) And we are so excited to see how this beginning leads to a fantastic explosion of our works!

Neat, Ill give you $20 if you change the name to go-pooper

poop-gooper gets my 20 USD

Tappity tap tap tap

Magnetic nutcracker hmm. Do you have protos? These are all renders right


--- Quote from: cogitoergofemme on Thu, 26 May 2022, 16:26:24 ---Magnetic nutcracker hmm. Do you have protos? These are all renders right

--- End quote ---
That's prototypes in the photo, not renders.


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