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I just bought my first GB set...


...and I feel...bad

223 including shipping  :confused:

For the same price I got 4 MT3 sets...

And this is why I refused to switch to ANSI for sooo many years.

Well, I mean that's kinda on you for picking a 223 GB though, no? Because that is far from the only way into a groupbuy.
    Was this for just a Base Kit, or a few different sets? Because if it's the latter, than... yeah I don't get this post. I also don't like that age-old comparison of, "I could buy x-amount of 'insert different product, with different manufacturing/materials' for the price I paid for ONE of these!" - when if that's your issue, why aren't you just buying dip-dyed clones from AliExpress?

    And if it's the former, well there's one of the main reasons I've boycotted GMK! I wont let them make a chump out of me while I twiddle my thumbs for 2-3 years...

Try taihao, directly from their website. In going to buy a cubic profile in abs (not pbt because it feels too dry).


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