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Alternatives for TouchCursor (for PC)?

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--- Quote from: nevin on Tue, 11 May 2021, 08:15:25 ---
is there anything special you have to do in QMK to get it to work on the ?
or is all the input collection from the non programmable keyboard handled on the hardware side?
do you have source you can share?
what kind of matrix do you use if you're already getting scancodes from the keyboard?

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Not sure what you mean by getting it to work with the '?'
Do you mean you want to output the '?' with just a single stroke?

Hasu controller doesn't deal with matrix as far as I know.
It translate scancode from your keyboard to another scancode to the computer.

So it supports basically all keyboard, as long as scancode is emitted.
In that case, the realforce 'numlock' is handled by the realforce keyboard directly, no scancode is emitted, so hasu cannot catch that signal.
But all keys can be manipulated before sending it to the computer.

I use mod-tap, tap-dance, space-cadet, one-shot modifier as these are QMK unique features.

key remapping can be done by software like sharpkeys on windows or karabiner on macos if you don't need those advanced features.
(one-shot modifier can also be enabled on windows with sticky keys, but it will enable all mods, and karabiner also can do one-shot)

don't know where the ? came from....  should have been converter...

i know what hasu's converter does, i was wondering how you got qmk on it instead of tmk.
is it just a large cross reference of scancodes?

do you have the qmk source you used that you can share?

qmk already has hasu converter support checked in, you can see a bunch of example keymaps here

following qmk setup instruction

I use windows linux subsystem 2 on windows. MacOS and linux should be more straight forward

check out qmk source code, then cd into qmk directory

--- Quote ---git submodule init
git submodule update

./bin/qmk config user.keyboard=converter/usb_usb/hasu

./bin/qmk compile -kb converter/usb_usb -km default

# if you want to customize your own keymap

./bin/qmk config user.keymap=your_name
./bin/qmk new-keymap -kb converter/usb_usb

# copy one of the keymap directory above into your_name, then modify anything you want

./bin/qmk compile -kb converter/usb_usb -km your_name

# press reset button on your converter

# you can use QMK tool box instead of command line to flash

# command line follows

dfu-programmer atmega32u4 erase --suppress-validation
dfu-programmer atmega32u4 flash  converter_usb_usb_hasu_your_name.hex
dfu-programmer atmega32u4 reset

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Oh wonderful. Didn't realize support was already there.

Thanks a bunch.

EPKL has support for all sorts of layout mappings and clever tricks, including a navigation layer similar to yours, known as Extend.

I have also had good results using KMonad, which is cross-platform.


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