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Alternatives for TouchCursor (for PC)?

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--- Quote from: nevin on Mon, 10 May 2021, 07:35:34 ---what about hasu's usb to usb adapter?
it runs TMK firmware and can turn just about any keyboard into a programable one.
your keyboard plugs into this little device, then that gets plugged into the computer. it takes the input from your off the shelf keyboard and remaps it to the firmware that's running on the adapter. it's a genius little trick.

there are various remapping softwares, but i don't know if any of them do what touchcursor does. to me, it seems like almost acts like keyboard firmware that runs on the computer.
some other software things to look at? (not sure what OSs you use)
- AutoHotKey - pc
- SharpKeys - pc
- KeyTweak - pc
lifehacker article

- Karabiner - mac
- controller mate - mac
- KeyRemap4MacBook - mac
- Ukelele - mac

....there are probably others. these are just the couple i know or came up in a search.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm on the PC, and the PC options don't seem to allow multiple keystrokes mapped to single keys (such as recorded macros), or have the ability to create/map a functions key (such as holding down the spacebar like a functions key).

The converter looks promising. A bit expensive, but if it's the only solution, I'm willing to pay for it.

I used the hasu converter with my real force. It by default run TMK but you can flash it to run QMK, which has more built in features and allows you to program these behaviors if you can spend time understanding the c source code.

But there is a limitation with the firmware size supported by mcu on the hasu converter so you have to be mindful with what features to enable and lines of code you add .

I'm also fairly certain that one can program similar features with autohotkey and autoit v3 , of course given that you learn the ins and outs of either framework and write such program

thanks for the suggestions @gh_pp

question for you...
is there anything special you have to do in QMK to get it to work on the ?
or is all the input collection from the non programmable keyboard handled on the hardware side?
do you have source you can share?
what kind of matrix do you use if you're already getting scancodes from the keyboard?

would really like to know as i am much more familliar with QMK than TMK (sadly)

Thanks for all the help. I managed to get TouchCursor working with Scrivener again. I had to reinstall TouchCursor to make that happen. Very strange because it was working fine with other software and only had problem with Scrivener.

great! glad you got it working.  :thumb:

got me to re-evaluate & think of other ways i can program my keyboard. this has been a nice little eye opening experience.  .... thanks.


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