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[GB] cw80/60 by cruel world (70% SHIPPED)

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I was able to build mg cw88 by using the Bastion tkl from cannon keys with the molex connector. I also got the matching molex daughterboard and cable since the molex connector on the bastion is a bit further down than it usually is. I donít experience the pcb bottoming out but there is very little space below the hotswap sockets.

Overall I like the typing feel of the board. Just sad things ended up the way they are. I need those shims tho.

Edit: It appears that my 1.5u mods are a bit crooked. Time to email Cannonkeys about it.


--- Quote from: incrediblejr on Mon, 07 August 2023, 08:24:14 ---A month has passed since last Discord update where they teased Pixy PCBs with fun art, ne pictures avail? :rolleyes: It's also been three months since they said that replacement PCBs, the workaround for too small JST cutout in the bottomcase, for THIS GB would be prototype ready within a few days. Don't forget, they also estimated that the DB shims for the misaligned USB port would have been completed about two months ago. But all we've seen so far is a render from a month ago. Why bother with these time estimates at this point?

--- End quote ---

We are living in a cruel world


--- Quote from: treeleaf64 on Wed, 09 August 2023, 13:01:51 ---We are living in a cruel world

--- End quote ---

So true :(

Someone deleted my previous message, the one that Treeleaf quoted, which currently sits two posts above this one. I would appreciate an explanation; my DMs are open.

The gist of the deleted post was that CW teased a new project without first fulfilling their obligations for THIS GB. There have been delays, broken promises/time estimates, and they have closed the opt-in Google form for PCB replacements. This was a workaround for the design flaw of a too small/narrow JST cutout in the bottom case, and I proposed contacting them through their support to resolve the issue. That being said, I would appreciate hearing the reasoning as to why my previous post was deleted.

Update on Discord shows a supposed prototype PCB that they are now beginning to test for fitting, nearly four months after the design flaw was brought to their attention. I think it goes without saying that now is not the time to rush. We have to hope that they test with gasket socks of varying hardnesses, as gasket tolerances is the reason the JST cutout is too small according to CW.

Is the new cable Molex-Molex or Molex-JST? Will they be MDPC-X sleeved? Why wasn't the DB shims for the misaligned USB-port opt-in like the replacement PCBs? Where are they? Did they solve the misaligned USB-port? Why isn't CW updating this thread? Wasn't one of the reasons to make the the Discord server ping-only to enable better communication?

So many questions, so few answers. So until CW comes back I will continue to relay the updates from Discord here, although with snark, BS filter and common sense applied.


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