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[GB] cw80/60 by cruel world (70% SHIPPED)

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--- Quote from: audax989 on Sun, 06 August 2023, 01:32:04 ---I was able to build mg cw88 by using the Bastion tkl from cannon keys with the molex connector. I also got the matching molex daughterboard and cable since the molex connector on the bastion is a bit further down than it usually is. I don’t experience the pcb bottoming out but there is very little space below the hotswap sockets.

Overall I like the typing feel of the board. Just sad things ended up the way they are. I need those shims tho.

Edit: It appears that my 1.5u mods are a bit crooked. Time to email Cannonkeys about it.

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How did this end up going for you? I'm thinking about ordering this PCB to get a hotswap build going in the cw88. I'm assuming you used the C4 daughterboard that CK sells?

any news?


--- Quote from: soloplayer on Fri, 22 September 2023, 09:19:49 ---any news?

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No news that I've seen. Solidifying my thoughts about this being the blunder of the century when it comes to design vs functionality.
Ridiculously bad attention to detail and ridiculously bad managing of the solution.
Also, we still have not gotten any type of information about why this happened.


--- Quote from: honoka on Fri, 22 September 2023, 09:30:17 ---Also, we still have not gotten any type of information about why this happened.

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We will never get an answer to this. I imagine it not as fun engaging here when every other message isn’t from their friends stroking their ego with some variant of “Sheesh”, “Don’t sleep on this one” or “Jane killer” but rather ones that highlights their incompetence.

They have been lurking Geekhack ever since their flawed design got exposed five months ago in the Reddit post PSA: CruelWorld 60 has unexcusable design flaws but have chosen to stay silent. The only explanation they have given for the too small JST cutout in the bottom case was because gasket socks tolerances were out of spec. I haven’t been able to go through all the mental gymnastics that that explanation would entail for it to be even remotely plausible but we all know that it is BS, all CW60 units are affected. This makes the process of getting a replacement PCB to fix the flawed design an opt-in process disingenuous at best.

Kind of ironic that getting replacement PCBs to fix the flawed design will take longer than the originally promised GB fulfillment time, if they ever come that is.

feel bad for anyone who bought the 60 variant. fortunately my silver cw88 is flawless, but what i'm expecting is the plateless kit. seems like i would never see that kit coming to the spotlight


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