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Milkyway Alpenglow is finally here!!!Milkyway Alpenglow is a CHERRY profile keycap set by Milkyway

Milkyway Alpenglow was inspired by a spring break trip I had with friends. They offered to take me a on weekday camping trip to cheer me up when I wasn't
doing so well. This set was in honor of the sights I saw during that trip.

MW Alpenglow Samples :

MW will be redoing 2067U. This is the first round of color samples. Lighting is brighter due to being direct sunlight, but also the most accurate. GB Date is February 8th to March 13.
Delivery Date Q3 2022

Kit Renders :

Cloud Kit : $89 US

Novelties Cloud & Midnight : $27 US

Numpad Cloud & Midnight : $22 US

Galaxy : $22 US & Star Kitting : $27 US

Spacebars : $20 US& Midnight Kitting : $38 US

Board Renders :

Isometria by ebastler and D60 Lite by KBDfans

Aperture Board by Elmo and Acrylic by u/Beginning_Yard458

Phoenix WKL by Cable Car Designs

Maja by Vulcan and Whismy 40's by Prkns

Mode 65 by Mode Designs
Paragon by Artemis Studios
Deskmats! :

Tilted 40 by Swishy

M65-A by Rama

Panatone Colors :

Vendors :

GB Date - February 8th, 2022

US : Vala Supply
UK : Protozoa Studio
EU :
AU : Allcaps
CA : KanataKeys
CN : MilkywayKeys
AS :

Collabs : by Aly and d
Okeydokey Website
Miroticaps Discord
Della Keys Discord

Thok Website

Elly Instagram
Asero Foundry
Asero Foundry Website

Cabels! :
Rocket Cables $38.50 Base
Cable Mod $79.90

More coming!

Discord Links :
Milkyway DiscordCrystals Cove

Credits :

MoreCylent was the one who introduced me the the Keycap designer discord, and gave many tips that eventually led to where this set is today. Without them, this set would never be what it is now.

Ai/Nolsia drew the novelties for me to fit dyesub regulations. An eagle eyed vector artist. Thanks for helping with the set!

JohnYYZ very friendly manufacture who helped me with the set!

Actrin gave me very helpful kitting tips! Thanks for your help!

Nopun, kure, add, seven, ad4m, hzsh, and Neely taught me so many helpful tips, and without them this set would have looked way worse.

Updates :
Once GB's are up, their links will be added to the Vendor names as a hyperlink.

Approved :thumb:

Hyped for this! You've put so much effort in, I hope that this does well, you deserve it!

2/15/2022 - Added Vendor Links, added deskmat renders, added Thok and Della collab as well as cable collab links. Updated formatting. - Waiting on deskmat and r2 color samples.

Is it PBT sublimation or ABS double shot?
Why is the production so long?
Other milky way sets were faster

I would buy a rug that looks like the milky way alpenglow logo


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