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  A full-CNC Polycarbonate, 65% Keyboard that adopts multiple mounting-styles.(1st Group Buy: 17th of September to 23rd of October 2022)(Group Buy re-run: NOW LIVE till 28th October 2023)

Latest Updates right here:

30th of September 2023:


-Group Buy re-run is NOW LIVE! Running till 28th of October 2023

-Here are the vendors who will be on-board with us for this Loki65 GB re-run. We've decided to team up with 3 new vendors this time:

US: KNC Keys

Canada: Ashkeebs Design

Australia: ALL CAPS

9th of October 2022:

-PooterBread's feature on the Loki65:

-Clackbait's Twitch Stream replay:

27th of October 2022:

-Nainaigogo's feature on the Loki65:
-Nainaigogo's Twitch Stream replay:

2nd of September 2022:

More-All units from the Early Bird sale held in February 2022 have been delivered! Thank you so much for the support! Check out some more awesome pics below.

-We finally have a Group Buy Date for the Loki65. It will be on the 17th of September 2022!

-Schedule for streams and video reviews are also out for some of the Youtubers:

* Lewis Toh (Build Stream on YouTube) - 7th of September 2022, ~8pm GMT+8
* Alexotos (Build Stream on Twitch) - 9th of September 2022, ~7pm EDT
* Keybored (video review) - 12th 10th of September 2022, EST
* nearLucid - TBC 16th of October 2022
8th of September 2022:

Lewis Toh X Loki65 Build Stream replay:
10th of September 2022:

-Alexotos X Loki65 Build Stream replay:


-Review of the Loki65 by Keybored!:
16th of September 2022:

-Dutchmasterw X Loki65 Build Stream replay:

-Review of the Loki65 by Alexotos!:
17th of September 2022:

-Dutchmasterw's typing test on the Loki65:

16th of October 2022:

-Review of the Loki65 by nearLucid!:
27th of October 2022:

-Loki65 Group Buy Closed!

17th of March 2023:

More-PCBs and smaller parts/accessories have been fabricated.
-PCBs are being shipped out to regional vendors right now.
-The rest of the Loki65 kit is in-queue with Dadesin and waiting to be produced.
-ETA for completion should still fall within Q2 of 2023.

25th of June 2023:

-Group Buy has been delayed. Our US Vendor, Mechs and Co., has been dragging out payment to our fabricators. This has been going on for months and as of date, their Discord Channel has also been essentially shut off from any communication between them and the community. We consider them as MIA until further notice. We have not gotten any response from them.

-We have come to a point where we are forced to cease co-operation with Mechs and Co., and we have cancelled the GB with them. Apart from delays, all other regions will not be affected.

-I intend to re-run this GB with another US Vendor in roughly 8 weeks' time.

-In the meantime, for those who have made a purchase with Mechs and Co., kindly seek your refunds if you have not already done so. I highly-doubt that you will be able to get any form of response as with the GB participants who have tried earlier on. Please seek assistance from your respective banks/financial institutions. It is best to make a direct call to a representative for an escalation for a chargeback on this purchase.

13th of September 2023:

-Group Buy re-run happening very soon. Stay tuned for more updates here!

-Currently in talks with US and Canada Vendors

Hey guys! It's been such a journey for us...

We had an interest check on the Loki65 back in February 2021; it was nothing more than a passion project started by just my project partner and I.

We are 2 keyboard enthusiasts from Singapore, both with a desire for bringing innovative features to the custom keyboard community. Seeking improvements on the existing features that we see on current keyboards, but also tossing away a few redundancies that we saw. The Loki65 is a by-product of a design that heavily favors function over form. Despite that, it definitely isn't made to be just another boring-looking custom keyboard.

We are so excited to be at our Group Buy phase and so glad (and pleasantly-surprised) to see the reception and sell-out when we launched the Early Bird sale a few months ago. We are grateful for all the love and support.

The Loki65 Group Buy is planned to happen in September 2022. Do stay tuned for the YouTubers that will be reviewing/featuring the Loki65 on their respective channels in the month of September. We will update their schedules here, so keep a lookout!

Interest Check post previously:

Join us on Discord (build guide available here too):

Instagram (many more pictures right here):

Youtube channel:


More pictures here. Loki65 Early Bird found on Instagram:


by @keibsdesk

by @complexminded.keebs

by @nickthelard

by @Benzeebenz


by @kiplol

by @alexotos

by @0nichiwa_

Once more, let's take a look what the Loki65 is:

The Name: Loki65

The inspiration came from the board’s unique feature of having multiple mounting-styles, providing different typing experience and sounds based on how the user configures it.
This board is pretty much a “shapeshifter”, and I reckon you would agree too after looking through this post? :D (upcoming diagrams below)
Hence, our favorite Norse God, Loki, came to mind and became part of this project. (Any Viking fans around? Norse Mythology?)

Research and Thought Process

As someone who prefers the sound of boards made of Polycarbonate over Aluminum, I wanted to design a board that encompasses Quality, Functionality, and that signature Polycarbonate THOCK. Besides, there seems to be quite a lack options for high-end PC custom keyboards in the market right now, compared to the Aluminum counterparts. Isn't it?

Also, I've realized that many current Injection-Molded (IM) boards tend to have thin bezels or case "walls" which result in a fairly "hollow"-sounding and a less-than satisfactory typing experience.

I’m definitely not an expert at materials, but at the time when I was designing the Loki65, I’ve had my fair share of bad experience with other Polycarbonate keyboards in the current market. They’ve had “manufacturing-defects”, cracks, thread-shearing, squeaks, and a few more issues.

I cannot be sure if they’re of inferior quality, but it certainly goes against known material properties/characteristics of Polycarbonate for being extremely durable. The Loki65 will only be using the best-quality PC sheets from the fabricators (Dadesin).

We do agree, IM cases do have their own benefits, most-notably their lower costs due to bulk production. However, according to many fabricators, CNC is sometimes the preferred choice due to higher precision and better quality-control. If you are seeking a high-end Polycarbonate custom keyboard, this is it.

To summarize, this is a board designed to achieve the following:

1.   Full-CNC Polycarbonate, for maximum quality, durability and sturdiness. We're talking about a thick, solid bezel and case. And to top it off, a hefty brass weight.
2.   Screw-holes with Stainless steel inserts to ensure absolutely no thread-shearing (PC material in screw thread does not wear-off).
3.   Ability to customize the typing and sound experience due to the plate and keyboard's unique design (featured below, in this post). With an array of plate options available, the possibilities are huge.
4.   Ability to customize the aesthetics with the different types of plates and badges available.
5.   A high-end, premium keyboard.

Mounting System and Plate Design:

Now, let’s talk about this. Much of the philosophy and design-concept of the Loki65 revolves around the unique design and mounting methods of the plate. This was the core-focus during the creation process of the Loki65. In short, with a single plate, different mounting-styles can take place.

On top of that, the Loki65's array of plate material options enables the user to find the perfect plate flexibility and overall typing feel. What will yours be?

The mounting-styles:

Mount 1 (top-mount)

The Plate is attached to the Top Case via M2 screws with Poron gasket strips.

Mount 2 (gasket-mount)

The Plate is sandwiched between the Cases via Poron gasket strips.

Mount 3 (burger-mount)

The Plate is attached to the Top Case via M2 screws and silicone O-rings.



Dimensions: 321mm (length), 122mm (width), 20.5mm (front height)
Case Material: Full-CNC Polycarbonate (sandblasted)
Case colours: Frosted, Ink Black
Weight Material: Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
Plate Material: PC, FR4, Anodised Aluminum, Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
Badge Material: Anodised Aluminum, Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
Typing Angle: 5 degrees
Mounting style: At least 3 variations
Full-build (alu plate): Approx. 1.35kg


PCB and Layout:

Designed by Yiancar,

RGB Underglow; powered by a large number of LEDs, to reduce the hot-spotting and allow for better light diffusion on your desk
Caps Lock LED indicator
1.6mm thickness
VIA/QMK support
USB-C connection

Hot-swap PCB Layout:

Soldered PCB Layout:

PCB and Underglow:

Group Buy Information:

Vendors, quantities, and more:

Format: First-come, first-served
Lead Time: approx. 3 to 6 months after closure of Group Buy
Soft-cap limit: 400 units

Group Buy re-run with US and Canada COMING SOON

US: KNC Keys

Canada: TBA

Europe:, 50 units allocation (completed in Oct. 2022)

UK: proto[Typist], 50 units allocation (completed in Oct. 2022)

Asia and Oceania: Hex Keyboards, 150 units allocation (completed in Oct. 2022)

US and Canada: Mechs & Co., 150 units allocation (GB with Mechs & Co. cancelled)


Base Kit, 395USD. It includes:

1 set of Soldered PCB (additional 10USD for the Hot-Swap PCB instead)
1 set of Top and Bottom Case (choose between Frosted and Ink Black),
1 set Brass Weight,
1 set of FR4 Plate,
1 set of Brass 'Runes' Badge,
1 set of Poron Foam Sheet kit (1 thick Case Foam, 1 thin Case Foam, 1 under-PCB Foam, 1 Plate Foam),
1 set of Poron Gasket Strips with adhesive-backing,
1 set of Poron Gasket Strips without adhesive-backing,
1 set of silicone O-rings,
1 set of M2 Washer Screws,
1 set of Allen/Hex key,
1 set of silicone keyboard feet, and
Various screws that are installed during assembly after fabrication.

Add-ons available for purchase:

Soldered PCB, 55USD
Hot-Swap PCB, 65USD
Alu/PC/FR4 Plate, 38USD
Brass Plate, 55USD
Badges, 32USD
Foam Kit + Gasket Strips (adhesive and non-adhesive), 20USD

All prices exclude shipping and taxes.


Badges come in 3 different designs. Materials available are Brass and Anodised Aluminium.

Plates come in 4 different materials. FR4, PC, Anodised Aluminium, Brass.

Cases: Frosted PC, Ink Black

Badges: 'Runes', 'Fenrir (Wolf)', 'Viking Helm'

Anodised Colours: Pantone 187C, Pantone 547C

Other Information:

We will also be collaborating with various YouTubers/Streamers in the upcoming weeks for reviews and coverage on the Loki65. Stay tuned for more updates and details on this GB post.

We are honored to have:

Lewis Toh: Stream on YouTube: 7th of September 2022, ~8pm GMT+8
Alexotos: Stream on Twitch; 9th of September 2022, ~7pm EDT
Keybored: Video review: 12th of September 2022, EST

nearLucid: TBC

Also, here're a few sound-test clips done on the prototypes:

Big Thanks to :cool::

-My project partner, who's been with me throughout the entire project and acting also as a driving force towards where we are right now.
-Our project manager at Dadesin, Cathy, who has helped us so much in overseeing so many of the fabrication processes.
-Jae aka @jaekeyed; a huge inspiration to me and also for giving me the big support and numerous tips in this project.
-Keith aka @carrotcake; for your lovely pics and awesome video clip of the Loki65.
-Yiancar, for the awesome PCB design.
-Vendors whom we are teaming up with.
-All content creators who have been, or will be, featuring the Loki65.
-Friends over at the Loki65 Discord channel, whom have shown so much love and support for this project, and some since the beginning. Many of you guys are the reason we pushed for this Group Buy to happen.
-All Loki65 Early Bird adopters.
-Fellow enthusiasts in the various communities who have contributed to this project, one way or another.
-Friends and family for their utmost support.

Post is up!  ;)

Post has been updated!

Loki65 build stream schedule updated!

The Loki65 build stream with Lewis Toh. Check out the replay here:


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